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Heyy again :)

So wow, you guys really like Josh huh :) I think we all know that he got the majority of the votes. 

Okay so I want to settle something first... I want to please ALL my fans. I take into account what every single person says in their comments, and so now I want to give you a little insider on what I think about this book.

So... some of you think this book is too predictable, not in those words maybe but I'm just being blunt hehe. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that ANYTHING could happen. No, seriously! I cannot really say a lot because I don't want to give anything away... but there are going to be a few twists, and I defiantly know there's going to be a lot of gasp moments or LOLZ, depending on how you take things in the future chapters. I'm trying to write this book for the benefit of my fans no matter what their opinions are, whether they are team Josh, Chase, Matt or Frankenstein! 

I'm doing my best to keep you all happy, but all I'm saying is keep your eyes open for a few OMG's in future chapters!

Oh and when they do come, I cannot wait to see your expressions hehe! (Don't forget, I'm writing them to benefit YOU! not to be a bitch ;P)

Anyways, back to this chapter. 

They are on their way back from camping now. Skyla has been forced to drive one of the vans back (containing Skyla, Alice, Carrie, Landon, Josh and Ty. Carrie is sitting upfront with Skyla) 

Also you will have a brief insider on someone else's POV. 


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"I just don't get what the big deal is with him anyway! He's nothing special. Damn, everyone can tell I'M clearly better looking" Josh sulked from the back seat, causing everyone to laugh. Including me! I know, shocker.

Okay so I'll fill you in. After mine and Josh's weird encounter this morning, things had just took a different turn altogether. He was still being nice to me. Hell! He even complimented me on my hair?! You know, the hair that was once known as stupid and emo? I don't get why he was being nice all of a sudden, but I figured I'm not just going to bitch back just because he said something weird. I'm not like that. We were actually acting... friendly towards each other, only this time, not under the influence of heavy alcohol. Sure the cockiness was still there, but he just seemed to be more... friendly towards me. I just don't get it though. Ever since he saw me with Chase yesterday, he has been acting like this. This morning, he was hovering around anywhere I went, and as soon as Chase and I would encounter, he would practically be joined at my hip. When I would look up at him in confusion and irritation, he would just cross his arms and glare at Chase in an expression of dominance, an expression that wouldn't actually fade until Chase was out of sight. Oh except when Matt would come over, then he would bolt away faster than you could say "Cabbages" strange... I know.

I hadn't seen Lee all morning up until when he told me to drive this Van. He had been acting strange ever since that incident with Josh yesterday... I just didn't get it. It was an accident. Yeah, I know it was pretty embarrassing, but a lot was drunk last night, you would have least thought he was over it. Actually, that may have something to do with Chase for that matter. Chase had been laughing his head off all morning about the whole thing. He wouldn't let Lee nor Josh ever let it live down. He was laughing so hard that it almost broke into a fight between Josh and Chase. Seriously, those boys!

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