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The lions twin's  by Magic-genie
The lions twin's by Magic Genie
Aztec prince of Africa shifters father invited the American werewolf packs to their party. what happens if twin alphas find out their mate is the soon to be king of Afri...
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Tusks by TheoryKierei
Tusksby TheoryKierei
Book two of the Shifter Series. After just losing Arron to the one guy I could barely stand, my life seems to have become just a repetitive bore again. That little chee...
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The Alpha's Unwanted Son by pepsi4freaks
The Alpha's Unwanted Sonby Sam :)
When 19 year-old Casey Reid, Alpha Luke Greyback's mate finds out she's pregnant with his baby she is forced to give up the baby as soon as it's born leaving it unknown...
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To save a friendship : Oscar and Hedgehog friendlove  story by Ravenfanflipline
To save a friendship : Oscar and H...by Raven
This is my first Summer Camp Island fanfic story . I don't know if I will ever get more than thousands views but I hope so . Here it goes . Oscar and Hedgehog are still...
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Back Again by sophieanna
Back Againby c h e r
Julia Tylers was gone for two years. She hadn't been in contact with the people from her old life. To her, they were gone, and she would never see them again. She unexpe...
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To Young A African Love Story by jennaGW
To Young A African Love Storyby jennaGW
Zuri Annan is a fifteen year old African teen destined to marry a twenty five year old man.
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British Guys Aren't Cute by UnicornFartGlitter
British Guys Aren't Cuteby Megs
'Fact: British guys are not cute. Never have been; never will be!' Meet Nora. During the day, she's a crazed, Irish student trying to survive the insanity which is Lond...
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Popee the Performer Oneshots by anguisyt
Popee the Performer Oneshotsby Anguis
Hello! I do not own any of the characters in this book, but the stories will be of my own. I do almost any ship, and write almost any type of oneshots. I hope you enjoy...
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On His Own: A Sing Fanfiction by Koyori
On His Own: A Sing Fanfictionby Koyori
*SPOILERS FOR SING BY ILLUMINATION* Johnny's father has finally reconciled with him for his thespian activities. But, retracting disownment doesn't solve all problems, a...
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The Green and the Violet by Loxodonta14
The Green and the Violetby Loxodonta14
A series of ChrisxAviva one shots that take place after the poacher incident in Africa and before JK by yours truly. *Inspired by a short story by dragonrider1234
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Shh - Eyes Down, Mouth Shut. by miniMina
Shh - Eyes Down, Mouth Shut.by Mina
Everyone has secrets. We treasure them, we keep them, we treat them like our nearest and dearest - our prize possesions. It's what you do when they come out that counts...
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Island of Men by ClutsyNerd
Island of Menby ClutsyNerd
There Emma was, standing in her underwear. Next to her, stood abs McGhee, the French Fry, and the high school lumber jack. So much for decency. You see, High school is...
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elephant by HoletheFrog
elephantby kiruba
the story of a girl called Amara who takes in an orphaned baby elephant.
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Spirit Animal Roleplay by LadyLeonoraLesso
Spirit Animal Roleplayby Zoë Nightshade
Title Amazing cover was made by X_TheHybrid_X
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Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Spirit of the Panther: Black Ranger (Casey FanFic) by HaileyTorres831
Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Spirit...by ༺Hailey Torres༺
Naomi Bradley is a long time student at the Phi Zuha school like Lily and Theo but along the way they meet a cub (Beginner, he is their age) named Casey. These four are...
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Gajrajdweep - Welcome To The Jungle by bandana_j
Gajrajdweep - Welcome To The Jungleby Bandana Jassi
On this land you'll witness rare nature, But be careful and look out for the danger. The saviours will come to rescue the jungle, Will you be able to untwist the tangled...
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Spirit Animals - Game of Survival by HalawirTheEagle
Spirit Animals - Game of Survivalby • I'm gonna build me an Empir...
In the world of Erdas, six children are about to discover if they have a spirit animal bond, a rare link between human and beast that gives great powers to both. Separat...
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Zoo Life by JohnKensington
Zoo Lifeby JohnKensington
Good Morning everybody. My Name is Mike and I will be your guide through the Elephant Encounters complex here at the Eden Wildlife Zoo. This story is about a zookeeper w...
Yaoyorozu's drawing book by jangajonga
Yaoyorozu's drawing bookby Pastel_Goth_Hoe.com
I'm gonna try a drawing book if u like please comment or like
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