California Kisses *9

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***** Josh's POV*****

Holy shit she gave me a boner!

Well, of course I knew she would, but I usually composed myself so well in front of all my friends that they say nothing but hate from me towards her. And shit! Now she knows she turned me on.

Ahh shit. What do I do now?

I quickly locked myself into a cubicle in the bathroom and stared down at the highly visible bulge in my pants.

And she had the guts to call him my 'little' friend. I snorted. She'd be surprised at the size of my 'little' friend.

I sighed. Of course she will never know. She has Matt. She won't need to see my friend.

Just thinking of that stupid prick makes me want to punch his guts out. He doesn't deserve her. She'll never be truly happy with him.

If only she knew what I would do for her! If only I could show her.

But I couldn't. I knew I couldn't. She would just get freaked out and run away and probably never talk to me again. I couldn't cope if she never talked to me again. So I guess I had no choice but to make her hate me. At least then I had the excuse to talk to her. Even if we're living in the same house, sharing the same BED, I knew she wouldn't talk to me if she had the choice.

So I only really had one option. I had to get revenge for what she did to me. She publicly humiliated me, so I hate to do exactly the same to her. I hated myself for doing this, but I knew it was my only way. Who would have thought love would be so painful?

I'll have to think of something extra cunning to get my revenge. But first things first, HOW THE HELL DO I GET RID OF MR MOUNT EVEREST HERE?!!!!

**** Skyla's POV****

The day went on as boring as usual. Well it was school after all.

Period after period listening to no good teachers talking about stuff we would probably never come across again in our lives. I mean really! Who comes across Pythagoras's theorem now?

The first two lessons I sat besides Matt. It somehow made the lesson slightly more endurable just knowing that he was here. I would fall asleep in class and occasionally I would catch him paying with my hair. He was so sweet. I'm so happy I'm with him. I know I keep saying it but really I can't describe it. You know the feeling you get when your heart melts to liquid and the butterflies flutter in your stomach? Well that's how he made me feel.

I was just about to ask him something when I noticed Josh glaring at Matt. He was transfixed on him. Okay what was his problem?

"Oi, pee brain, what's your problem?" I whispered to across the room.

Josh seemed to realise I was talking to him and then started. I let out a small giggle but then his glare moved to me.

Oh as if I care. He could glare at me all he wants. What does he think he was going to achieve?

Just as Miss Bunn was about to give us some killer equations, we were saved by the bell. Josh rammed into my desk on the way out causing me to almost fall over. Jerk.

I grunted and continued to put my stuff into my bag. I needed to head over to my locker to collect my biology textbook. Thank heavens. Last lesson!

"I'll see you later" Matt breathed against my ear giving me a quick but passionate kiss before walking down the hall to his next class leaving me dazed against my locker. Yup, the chocolate butterflies were back.

Some girls were giving me jealous stares and the guys were shooting daggers in Matt's direction.

See, Matt wasn't a bad looking guy. No wait, he was drop dead gorgeous. It's just, well besides me, he's never actually dated anyone from this school. Guys thought he was gay, and girls, well the girls would try and do practically anything to get into his pants. What they didn't know is that he had loved me all along, and he didn't want anyone else, so of course, our dating came out as quite a shock to the school. Now people know that he does date, cheerleaders are practically throwing themselves at him. But I just laugh because I know Matt's not like that. Honestly, I really didn't deserve a guy like him.

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