California Kisses *21

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Firstly I'm sorry but I don't know how often I will be able to update now because of exams and stuff but I will try my hardest to keep writing so just bare with me please :)

Secondly... for those of you that think Josh and Skyla being together is weird because they are brother and sister.... Its not. I just wanted to clear this up lol, Josh has liked Sky for years wayyyy before their parents met and fell in love, and if you remember from chapter one it says that Rebecca (Skyla's mom) and Ryan (Josh's dad) had only been going out for a year or so and then they decided to get married. Its not their fault that they just happened to be brother and sister and if anything was to happen between them (I'm still not saying it will :P) their parents will approve of it...

Anyway sorry I just wanted to clear things up abit so it didn't sound like some weird incesty thing going on lol.

Here's your chapter. Some of you may like it, some of you may not... but what can I do? it had to be written lol! Don't forget to vote/comment/fan♥



His deep blue eyes bored into mine, that same expression that I couldn't unveil still present in them. His minty breath that was speeding up by the second caressed every pore in my face. His enchanting, full lips were centimetres from mine; only the slightest of movements and they would connect...

"You say that now" Josh purred against my skin... "But would a gay guy do this"


And then his lips meeting mine...







There were really no other words to describe the state my body went into right at that moment when his lips went mine. The sensation was indescribable. I felt his warm lips move against mine slowly, but I couldn't bring myself to move mine in synchronisation. I was still stunned. Josh was kissing me? What the hell?!

I couldn't tell if it felt right or wrong, all I knew was that I have never felt such a powerful emotion before; an emotion so strong that I couldn't decipher it.

What the hell did this mean? Josh should not be kissing me! Why is he kissing me? Does he like me? If so for how long? I thought we hated each other?

A thousand questions revolved around my mind as my lips were being moved involuntarily, but the most important was why the hell wasn't I stopping him?

As if it took forever to come, my lips were finally cold again.

Josh hovered above me for a few seconds before collapsing besides me on the bed perfectly at ease, leaving me too astonished to move. A strange expression hidden in his eyes. I couldn't unmask what it was exactly, but the weird thing was that it looked exactly how I felt...

He cannot like me. He doesn't like me. But why did he kiss me? Does that mean he likes me? Wait, why am I caring so much?! I do not care about Joshua Dawson and he does not care about me! But what was that weird emotion that I felt when-

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