California Kisses *11

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I was not in a good mood.

And it's all because of one stupid idiot. Yup you guessed it. "Joshie!"

Not only was I already kinda pissed already from what happened last night with Trashley, but this morning just had to top it all off.

Firstly, Josh woke me up at 8am in the morning. 8 frigging am on a Saturday. Not only was that a shock, but I also awakened into the grip of his arms around my waist... again. He claimed he was cold. Yeah right. I tried to go back to sleep, but he didn't make that an option. Every time I closed my eyes, he threatened that he would kiss me. Nothing got me moving faster in my life. I practically bolted out of the bed at lightening speed leaving him and his chuckles behind.

Secondly, I went for a shower but Josh had used up all of the hot water, so I had to shower cold. He had also used up all of my shampoo, leaving barely a tiny squeeze of it left. I also found out that Josh had used my razor. I went to shave my much needed self when I found hairs in the blades that were NOT my shade of blond. I don't even want to think of what he could have been shaving with that. I just really don't want to know. Or it could have been Trashley... well that's just gross. I went to fetch a new one, but found out they had been taken. That or I had used them all. In its place were a packet of wax strips. I had never been a fan of the whole waxing thing, but I knew my mother wanted me to use them before the wedding. She wanted me quote "as bald as a baby's butt", which only made me cringe in embarrassment whilst Josh had a hysterical laughing fit because it sounded like I was one seriously hairy person the way she kept on about how important it was to wax those hairs. No. Just NO! He didn't realise that she was only talking about my arms and legs. So now I was in pain. Severe pain, but at least I was no longer a wax virgin. Also, whilst showering, Josh had somehow managed to enter the bathroom without me noticing, and he had stolen my clothes and my towel. Luckily I had an old towel that I had put in the hamper ready to wash the next day, I know that sounds disgusting but there was no way I was running out naked. As I ran downstairs in just a towel, I found Lee, Carrie, Alice, Ty, Rob, Landon, Gregg, Denny, Matt, Chase... Okay practically everyone, in the kitchen surrounding a VERY arrogant looking Josh. They were all surprised at my appearance, but that was nothing compared to the anger and embarrassment I felt. I asked Josh where my clothes were, and he pointed to the swimming pool. Yes. Floating around the surface was my clothes. Everyone's gaze followed mine, and soon all the lads started laughing. Only Carrie and Alice saw sense not too, and they had a pretty hard job in preventing me from killing that irritating bastard. I fetched my clothes after landing a punch in pretty boys face and went upstairs to get ready. Apparently it was arranged that we meet up early to go to the mall because we were all going camping tonight. It's nice to know people inform you on these things. Since Mom and Ryan were okay with this, it was all decided. We were going on a small road trip because I don't know if you had noticed, but there are not many forests in California.

I figured that it would be the last fun think we'd be doing for a while as a group because of the whole wedding business upcoming. It was also decided that it could be an exception to tomorrow nights SNT because Carrie had to babysit her little cousins so she couldn't make it. We thought it would be extra fun with more people anyway.

I went up to my bedroom with Carrie and Alice trailing my heels to pack.

"You know, I think he likes you" Alice said after a while. I could see the smile playing at her lips.

"Who?" I asked puzzled at who she was talking about. Matt? Well yeah that was kinda obvious.

"Josh" she giggled.


"I think she's right" Carrie added.

"Who are you and what have you done with my SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS?!" I yelled at them causing them to laugh. "There is no way Josh likes me, he hates me! Look at all the things he does to me. He makes my life living hell. It's bad enough he even exists!"

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