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A Tyrus Story (Completed) by Tyrus_Aristemo
A Tyrus Story (Completed)by Tyrus_Aristemo
Show: Andi Mack Ship: Tyrus (TJ and Cyrus) This takes place after the police officer came and talked to Cyrus. This is the first ever story that I will be sharing on Wa...
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You Changed Me by dazed_deb
You Changed Meby Deborah
Justin, your typical outgoing scene guy. Loves to party, smoke, drink and hook up. Tiffany your typical sweet shy girl. Loves to stay home read and do homework. Has very...
  • exes
  • boyfriend
  • humor
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Don't Speak by karabear_
Don't Speakby Kara
Brae is your average 17 year old girl, except that she won't speak. Her mother left when she was just a little girl, forcing Brae and her dad to fend for themselvses. He...
  • water
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An Ambi, Tyrus, And Muffy Fanfiction (Complete) by Tyrus_Aristemo
An Ambi, Tyrus, And Muffy Fanficti...by Tyrus_Aristemo
What will happen when TJ and Buffy become a 'couple' to make Cyrus and Marty jealous?
  • swings
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  • garrenstitt
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Muffin Making 101 -- A Tyrus Story by YoItsYeau
Muffin Making 101 -- A Tyrus Storyby Adia C
The game: Say a flavor. The next person decides what to go with it. Voila. You've just created one amazing muffin. But what if it's not that simple? What if nothing will...
  • tyrus
  • bxb
  • andimack
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Depressing Rounds by mrdice
Depressing Roundsby mrdice
Well as it seems life is a terrible burden yet it also is a great present. In Depressing Rounds I tried to encap life moments (good and... mostly bad) into a series of p...
  • girls
  • ropes
  • depressing
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High in the Sky by redskywriter
High in the Skyby redskywriter
When Hannah bumps into Alex accidentally at the park, she doesn't know who he is or what he was doing there in the first place. The most important detail: he keeps comin...
  • park
  • hannah
  • alex
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Swings by ccsdrums
Swingsby please kill me
Mother, father, say goodbye, it's my time to fly.
  • abuse
  • wings
  • love
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The Swings  by cythemuffinguy
The Swings by Cyrus Kippen
Tj is a the school's basketball star. His the Captain. Cyrus is the school's nerd, most know being a part of the good hair crew. His friend group.
  • love
  • andimack
  • swings
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Life With the Crawford Boys by sadbutfabulous
Life With the Crawford Boysby sadbutfabulous
Eight gorgeous boys and one girl living together in the same house. It'd probably be heaven to most girls, but to Adelaide Hendricks, it's the total opposite. Who wants...
  • buckets
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  • bimbo
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Smile, Your Beautiful :) by HappilyEvrAfter17
Smile, Your Beautiful :)by Billie :]
At a young age Mia was told she was ugly by the hottest boy ever. She believed him. Eighteen now, she still thinks she doesnt fit in with her beautiful popular friends...
  • guy
  • pizza
  • twister
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Random stories of Shraman One shots. So first one is 'mood swings!'
  • oneshot
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Stars of Summer by BG_stories
Stars of Summerby Bekah G
Life without a spontaneous move to a different country is no life at all.
  • spontaneousdates
  • kissunderstars
  • paris
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The Stargazer and the Dreamer by fist_of_sarcasm
The Stargazer and the Dreamerby rai
the one thing that charlie did without fail everyday was running away. she would leave the house, with a strong intent to never come back; she would falter a few miles a...
  • park
  • boyxgirl
  • latenighttalks
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Prank War by TheDivineMissM
Prank Warby Emily Faith
When seventeen year old Nat Barker is told that she's going to be sent to Military school if she doesn't clean up her act, she decides that doing her homework doesn't se...
  • behaviour
  • arguement
  • locker
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Helium (A Tyrus Short Story) by reganskyking
Helium (A Tyrus Short Story)by Regan Sky King
A short story about a young Cyrus Goodman, and his love for TJ Kippen. When something horrible happens to TJ, Cyrus has to find new ways to cope with life and deal with...
  • tyrus
  • youliftmeup
  • shortstory
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Arrow Head by ladyhoneysuckle
Arrow Headby Chu ✨
for the two a.m. flashes of inspiration that somehow lead me to believe poetry is a simple thing.
  • head
  • arrow
  • rusty
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What happens next? Percy Jackson Fanfic by StarPlatinum_
What happens next? Percy Jackson F...by StarPlatinum_
  • relationships
  • reyna
  • air
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A 'Perfect' Life (on hold) by glowworms
A 'Perfect' Life (on hold)by glowworms
Melanie and Tyler's baby girl Chrissie has just been bought into their large family. Everything about their lives seems perfect, and as though everyone should be jealous...
  • picture
  • romantic
  • phone
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California Kisses by lissie_starstrukk27
California Kissesby Lisaaaaaaaaaaa :]
When 17 year old Skyla Bennett’s mother remarries to the father of her all time enemy Josh Dawson, she couldn’t think her life could get any worse. She is forced to adap...
  • now
  • ashley
  • date
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