California Kisses *1

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I parked in my usual spot at Seven Valley High School and got out the car, welcoming the glorious impact the warm California sun had on my skin. I was in such a good mood today, all because of my mother.

**** An hour earlier ****


Went my alarm clock! 

Eugh time for school! I was still slightly hung over from last nights events. Although Sundays seem to be the 'get everything ready for school the next day and catch an early night' day, Carrie and I had other ideas.  

Carrie Cartwright was my ultimate best friend in the whole universe! She is amazing. We have been through thick and thin together, and she is practically my sister. We used to be inseparable all through middle school, and she used to come round my house every day. It was only until high school that we went our separate ways. Still, that didn't stop her from coming round. She came round every Sunday afternoon, and we would have a Sunday night tragedy (SNT), this would usually consist of eating A LOT of junk, drinking A LOT of alcohol, and doing A LOT of stupid stuff. Last night however, got a little out of hand, and too much was drunk. The throbbing headache proves as much.


Went my alarm clock again after the five minute snooze timer kicked in. With a groan, I reluctantly got out of bed and went straight into the bathroom. I soaked in the bath for what seemed like ages, before turning on the shower head, and letting the water bounce of my back, relaxing my tight muscles.

I got out of the bath refreshed and content. I wrapped myself in a towel, and my hair in a small turban, and headed towards my walk in closet. This was my absolute favorite place. The room was almost as big as my bedroom, and had clothes absolutely everywhere. Everything was coordinated and sophisticated and generally a girls personal paradise. I quickly changed into a hot pink bra and thong, and put on a pair of low cut black skinny jeans, with a tight white tank top which left two inches of flesh on show on my nicely tan stomach.  

I blow dried my platinum blond hair, and straightened it, giving emphasism on the hot pink streaks which rested on my breasts underneath. 

I applied a little eye silver eye shadow to bring out the diamonds in my baby blue eyes and some extra curves mascara.

As I was walking down the stairs, I heard whistling from the kitchen. Hhmm.. mom was in a good mood. I automatically thought of Ryan.  

Ryan was mom's new boyfriend and they had been dating for over a year now. Ryan had three kids of his own, but mom never seemed to mind. 

Ever since dad died 4 years ago, when I was 13, and mom was pregnant with my little sister Lily, a gaping hole had formed in her heart that seemed unfixable. Since Ryan came into her life, that whole may not have completely healed, but it was patched up as much as it ever could have been; now she is almost back to her normal happy self. Except today where she seems extraordinarily happy...

I put on my pink high top converse and skipped into the kitchen, testing to see if her mood was infectious.

"Skyla baby! Good morning! Do you want me to make you pancakes?" 

My mom asked whilst pulling me into a massive bear hug.  

Yup! Very good mood.

"Erm.. No thanks its okay mom, I'll just grab a granola bar or something. What's up with the mood anyway? You seem very happy today. What has Ryan done this time and where's Lily?" I wondered whilst giggling.

My mom blushed and tried to hide her embarrassment. Ah it was about him. All of a sudden, a big grin lit up her face.  

She continued to smile at me without a word.

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