California Kisses *16

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I looked up at Josh and found him staring at me intently, concern still on his features.

Then I noticed how close we were, our bodies were still pressed up against each others, and his face was centimetres from mine...

Before I knew it, we were leaning closer and closer to one another until...


Josh's POV-

Her skin felt so soft against my embrace. I couldn't believe it, SKYLA BENNETT was hugging me back?! What the hell? I think I just won the jackpot! Wait! Savour the moment, don't waste time on irrational thoughts. God she felt so right in my arms, do you know how it is making me feel, the sensation of her hugging me back? I may not be showing it, but my big boy down there was... oh shit she will feel it! I needed to pull away before she notices, but I can't seem to let go!

Her body lingered against mine as I held her tightly. Her breasts were pressing themselves against my chest and were unconsciously rubbing themselves against me. 

Dear lord what are you trying to do to me? 

My buddy was practically throbbing against her skin, ACHING to be petted... 

Oh shit, Josh you idiot, pull yourself together! You are supposed to be comforting her not getting turned on by those perky round-  

Argh Stop would you?!

I was pulled out of my internal trance as I felt her pull away. I couldn't help but notice how my body felt instantly cold. The absence of her body made me shiver with need. I needed to feel her skin against mine again. I needed to hug her, and to feel her hug me back. I just needed... her... without realising it, I leaned in towards her pink inviting lips and then....


Skyla's POV-

He was leaning slowly towards me when all of a sudden,


Out of no where a football hit Josh in the side of his face, the impact causing him to fall back into the water.

"Oh shit! Sorry man my bad!" Gregg yelled as he doubled over with laughter along with Denny and Chase.

Crap did they just see what just happened? Wait... what did just happen? And no I'm not talking about the damn football...

Was Josh about to kiss me? No waaait, was I about to kiss Josh?! Joshua Dawson, my ultimate arch nemesis? Naw it couldn't have been... could it?

Maybe he just lost his balance or something? Maybe there was something on my face?  

Yeah that was it. It was nothing, just something on my face or something... 

Yeah that was defiantly just it... wasn't it?

Yeah there was no way Josh was going to kiss me... not that I wanted him to or anything... wait, why am I getting so worked up about all of this? What did I care?  

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