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Captain vs Captain  by littledancerxx
Captain vs Captain by Little Dancer
Adding a head Cheerleader and a Football Captain together is bound to cause trouble Cover by @cynicswereoutraged xx
  • trouble
  • football
  • fiction
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The Culled Crown by BriannaJoyCrump
The Culled Crownby Brianna Joy Crump
Ten girls. Nine bodies. One crown. If given the chance to be queen, would you take it? Monroe Benson is marked and goddess-touched, one of ten heirs to the throne of Ei...
  • powers
  • guards
  • original
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Royal Twins by Indra12032002
Royal Twinsby Indra Kentie
I? I am just a normal 18 years old girl that is called y/n. normally I wear not expensive clothes. I live in a little village with not that much people. We have a king...
  • love
  • marcusandmartinus
  • princes
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IMPRESS. [Book 1] by N1Dreamerx
IMPRESS. [Book 1]by T A S H
[BOOK ONE OF THE "RIVALRY" SERIES] ✨ • • • The royals are throwing the biggest event of the century. An event where six girls are chosen to compete at impressi...
  • kingdoms
  • competition
  • werewolf
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Just My Puck // Harry Styles by heyoshayo
Just My Puck // Harry Stylesby shay
After famous figure skater Ronnie Novak suffers from a major injury that leaves her feeling miserable and defeated, her father makes the decision to live with his girlfr...
  • high
  • teen
  • harry
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Next Level Player by evryday_imstumblin
Next Level Playerby evryday_imstumblin
COMPLETED Attention Ladies... Want to play a game? Leon Stone "The Legendary Player" who toyed with girls hearts, played...
  • player
  • next
  • revenge
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The Selection by TrulyMe18
The Selectionby TrulyMe18
If there was a competition to win the prince's heart and become the queen wold you enter? it seems like a simple answer, but not for Emily. Emily is a six, which means...
  • princess
  • royalfamily
  • theselection
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The Grammar Awards 2019 by TheGrammarAwards
The Grammar Awards 2019by The Grammar Awards
INTRODUCING THE GRAMMAR AWARDS, not like the actual grammar, you know, commas, apostrophes & spellings but like 'the award book' of ALL award books... IT'S THE GRAMMA...
  • contest
  • grammys
  • recognition
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The Open Novella Contest II by lgbtq
The Open Novella Contest IIby LGBTQ+
It's back! The second instalment of this highly anticipated writing event brings your favourite Ambassador profiles together to host a contest of truly epic proportions.
  • lgbtq
  • prize
  • prompts
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Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG) by iLyna_chAn
Becoming His Male Empress ( Lyna
SECOND CHANCES,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never...
  • xianxia
  • bl
  • boyslove
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Meant to Be (Muslim Story) by FiHijabi
Meant to Be (Muslim Story)by ❣
"Good women are for good men, and good men are for good women" (Qur'an 24:26) ~~~~~~~~~~ Silence filled the car for the millionth time. I felt a white-hot fla...
  • allah
  • romance
  • readit
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The Warrior's Gambit (Zutara) by FrostedGemstones
The Warrior's Gambit (Zutara)by FrostedGemstones
Months ago, Katara arrived at the Royal Palace to save her tribe and to win the heart of the famed Prince Zuko at any cost. She thought THAT was going to be difficult, b...
  • slowburn
  • zutara
  • zuko
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Open Novella Contest II by OpenNovellaContest
Open Novella Contest IIby The Open Novella Contest
It's back! The second instalment of this highly anticipated writing event brings your favourite Ambassador profiles together to host a contest of truly epic proportions.
  • opennovellacontest2019
  • win
  • prompts
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Chosen. by Chynnadoll11
#14 Chynna
Chosen. Would you want Your Family to be....? We were chosen. Okay, that might be an understatement.....WE WERE CHOSEN!!! My brother Kyle would be s...
  • love
  • excitement
  • viewersdiscretionadvised
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The Pen and Ink Awards (OPEN - FEBRUARY QUOTE CONTEST) by CarolineDonica
The Pen and Ink Awards (OPEN - Caroline Donica
Do you want to be a recognized author? Have you always wanted to enter your work in a contest? Is it time for you take a risk in your writing? Be brave, be bold, and su...
  • action
  • prize
  • romance
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Prince Gallant and the Tournament for the Crown by addicted2dragons
Prince Gallant and the Melissa Mitchell
Princess Lena is born into unusual circumstances where being a female means she must fight for what should already be hers by right. The Drengr monarchy, still in its in...
  • love
  • fantasy-romance
  • crown
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QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail (Book One) by VeraNazarian
QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail ( VeraNazarian
Series Optioned for Film! - WINNER - The Fiction Awards 2016 * * * The Asteroid is coming... Your options: die or Qualify. I am Gwen Lark. Nerd, klutz, loser, awkward sm...
  • siblings
  • survival
  • contest
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Starlight Awards 2019 ( Closed For Judging) by GalaxyCommunity
Starlight Awards 2019 ( Closed GalaxyCommunity
Welcome to the first round of starlight awards 2019!!! We are open and collecting judges, and we still have some more spots for your book/s. We are here to have a fun an...
  • entering
  • awards
  • awards2019
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The transfer Student's (Girls und Panzer x Male Reader.) by Anime_Progam
The transfer Student's (Girls Anime_Progam
You are on of 5 male students including your best friend and your childhood bullies all transfer to Ooari Girls Academy. You and your best friend have advanced military...
  • anzu
  • girlsundpanzer
  • multipleending
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LPSZombiewholikesfedoras by lpsrick237
LPSZombiewholikesfedorasby !NOT ACTIVE!
Me, Hatter, Lissawho, Howiewantsafedora, and my gf Fazlol in one house! Oh god... xD (Years 2016-2017) Events: 12-21 through 12-25 • Five Days of Christmas 1-8 • Skill C...
  • weird
  • howiewantsafedora
  • life
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