California Kisses *4

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I was about 3 full hours into a deep sleep before there was a knock, and the door creaked open.

"Baby? Honey are you awake?" my mom whispered by my ear.

Well genius I was now

"Hu-u-h-h?" I asked groggily.

"Look baby, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for shouting at you" my mother said whilst stroking my hair. "I had no idea what had been going on between the two of you. Josh has just told us everything downstairs" she chuckled. "I never thought you had it in you. Ryan thinks it's hilarious that a girl can beat up his boy so many times. He thinks you must be made of steel, also he sympathises you for having to put up with him this long. Why didn't you ever tell me you had an enemy?" my mom asked, serious now.

"The thought never occurred to me. I was never in trouble. I could fend my own battles perfectly fine" I replied.

My mother chuckled again.

"I heard. But baby, although you might think it is impossible, this needs to be sorted out. For everyone's benefit, not just yours. In a few months, we are going to get married, and you're soon going to be brother and sister, so the aggression towards one another needs to be toned down. We have just told Josh exactly the same thing, and he agrees to behave for our sakes. Will you at least do the same for us? Or for me? Will you give him a chance?"

As I was pondering my answer, I saw the ass himself approach us and casually lean in the doorway with a sheepish smile on his face, and an evil glint in his eyes...

Hmm... there's no way that jerk would agree to something like this so quickly. He's up to something, I have no idea what, but he is...

But hey! Two can play that game.

"That's okay mom. Of course I'll give him a chance, everyone deserves second chances don't they? Anyway, I've always wanted a rivalry brother" I added with an angelic grin.

"Thank you baby!" my mother said whilst hugging me. Wow she was really happy.

"I knew you could forgive him, so, I decided that he will be sharing your room with you. It will give you a chance to get to know each other, Properly!"

WHATT!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! no effing way!

"WHAT! No mom please! He can't share my room! Please! No! Mom I beg you! I'll do anything! Why does he have to share my room! Please mom no!" I pleaded with her. I swear I was going to cry. There is no way in hell I wanted him to share my room.

"Now now Sky, we agreed. And anyway, he has to share your room because there's no where else for him to sleep. Liam is staying in the room across from Lily, and Chase has the downstairs guest room, so yours is the only one available, come on baby, you have the biggest bedroom" my mom begged.

"Oh mom please!" I begged. "Why can't Liam share with Lily? And he could have that room?"

"Because sweetie, have you seem Lily's room lately? Everything's pink and fluffy. Lily took him in her room earlier, and I think he's only just managed to stop crying" she added with a chuckle. "And also, Josh couldn't have Chase's room, because there's no way I would let that hormonal boy share the same room as you, gosh! What kind of mother would I become?" she added with mock horror.

"A good one!" I giggled.

"Yeah right, so this really is the only other option. He won't cause any trouble for you. Ryan has already warned him, and I promise you, if he does, I will personally come and beat him with a frying pan" she said serenely, though pausing to give Josh a genuine smile.

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