California Kisses *27

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IM SO SORRY GUYS!!!! I’ve kept you waiting so damn long its ridiculous :( hope you don’t hate me :(

I’m not gonna bore you with any more of my twisted life story, but important facts: the cousin story is going to be deleted…I’m sorry I just don’t have time for it anymore. I am more than happy to tell anyone how it was going to end if that makes you feel any better?  

Also, I have A LOT of assignments and coursework and exams and what not

On a plus note > heyyy uni’s great :D


“I can’t do it, I just can’t do it!” I whined from the cold floor, where my face was currently pressed against. I think the floor was actually familiar with me in this position since I had been doing it quite a lot recently. 

“Skyla we’re not going over this again. You and I both know you are perfectly able of continuing so get up and stop acting like a child” Chase chastised as he continued to prance around the room totally at ease and not a stress line or sweat bead in sight.

Stupid hot dance trainer and his perfect muscles.

“Chase I can't! My muscles aren’t as strong as yours, I get tired quicker. I can't go on, just don’t make me go on!” I begged dramatically as I flipped over onto my back.

“Skywa’s just fat”

“Lily don’t make me come over there and kick your butt” I glared at her, watching her giggle harder with Liam in the corner.

“Oh so you seem to be able to inflict pain on your poor little sister, yet you can't seem to go over a three minute dance piece? Really Skyla, how... capable you are”

I glared at Chase as he smirked sarcastically at me.

Ugh, why did he have to be hot when he smirked?

Okay not the point.

“Chase, do not make me start on you” I glowered at him, tone harsh, though he simply chuckled it off as if it was nothing more than a mere innocent remark.

I was serious. I was not in the mood.

Today was Friday, meaning tomorrow was Saturday, meaning the show was tomorrow night, meaning I had to perfect this stupid dance piece for a stupid silly person who thought it was funny to corrupt every muscle in a 112lb girl when the 224lb idiot didn’t even so much as shed a bead of sweat.

Stupid hot perfect person.

Why was he so damn annoying at times? If I say I cannot continue, surely he must believe me. I mean just look at me!

I’m passed out on the floor surrounded by a pool of my sweat with overheated skin and cheeks looking like tomatoes.

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