California Kisses *24

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Hiiii, I know I am mega late uploading... :S

Here's the thing, I woke up the other day really hating a few characters and my opinion of them still hasn't changed :/ therefore I think there will be a few changes to the story soon :) I'm not gonna say how though, just that I'm happy with my new plot mwhaha :D

I'm not gonna keep you waiting any longer than you already have so heres the next chapter. Don't forget to comment and vote :)


We arrived at the restaurant an hour later than planned thanks to Josh and his toy that decided to tag along too and ruin my 'supposed' to be first proper date with Matt.

I couldn't believe it, I had been with Matt a while now and still we hadn't had a first date yet. Come to mention it, I hardly saw him at all since I have been with him.


As a friend, I could never get rid of him.

As a boyfriend... well he was practically non existent.

Heck, I think I spend more time with Josh than I do with my 'boyfriend'!

Eugh Josh.

No wait, I can't even say that anymore because we're sort of, friends?

Are we really?

I mean, we get on and everything and we've shared some friendly moments... but does that mean I'm ready to call him my friend?

For crying out loud, merely a few weeks ago we were practically pulling each others hair out!

What happened to me hating Joshua Dawson, my sworn enemy for life?

What provoked me to even attempt to be friends with him?

Why did everything have to change?

Was it easier before when we were enemies?

Why did he kiss me the other night!!!!!

Wait, why am I over evaluating all of this?!

This is stupid; I don't care about him in any other way than a... sort of friend, so why am I feeling so strongly about the subject? Why do I feel like I WANT to be friends with him?

I don't like him; he makes my mind hurt.

I sighed heavily and started mindlessly playing with a piece of garlic bread whilst trying not to focus all my attention onto Josh.

It was surprising to find out that that was pretty hard to do.

I watched him as he flirtatiously play fed the slug with her food, oh wait, sorry I meant her bowl of leaves.

Cheap tramp.

Honestly, who comes to a high class Italian restaurant and just orders a boring salad?

I mean seriously, the least you could do was Italianate it a bit more.


Look at how she was dressed! Or rather, not dressed. Anyone looking around would think Josh had just picked up a prostitute and was wining and dining her. I mean seriously, who dresses FOR THE CINEMA, in a skin tight, ultra short hot pink tube dress which was practically transparent and made her cleavage pop out so much that it looked like she had two bald men on her chest? Not to mention why she decided to wear what looked like 12 inch stilettos!

To a freaking cinema for Christ sake, to a cinema!!!

And dear lord had she never heard of wearing a bra?!

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