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Pure Intoxication [Teacher/Student Affair] by Natures_Essence96
Pure Intoxication [Teacher/ Asia
Finally, senior year has come for Chasity an 18 year old girl attending Strathmore High. She is brought face to face with a new history teacher who is the most stubborn...
The F.A.F.A by rikaaraji468
The F.A.F.Aby rikaaraji468
A young woman is thrown into a world of chaos when she wakes up in an unknown land with no memory of who she is or anything concerning her life before the moment she wok...
Exorcist |JimV| by xox_rere_123
Exorcist |JimV|by •Pluto•
THUMP My eyes snapped open. I peeled the covers from my body and sat up, slowly lifting my head up. The sound had come from above me and that could only mean one thing...
Saving Mercury by AlainaJL
Saving Mercuryby Alaina
In this story, Ella, a young doctor studying HIV/AIDS, struggles to find a cure for the disease to try to save her friend, singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, who is serio...
Mako/Bolin  by spicyforbiddenships
Mako/Bolin by Erileigh
Yes, this is a Mako/Bolin oneshot, that means incest. So don't read this if you're not comfortable reading that kind of story.
Little Sanji by Spidermonkeycatbear
Little Sanjiby Spidermonkeycatbear
Wado Ichimonji may be the sword that he places in his mouth in his battles. Little Sanji is a different type of sword that Zoro places in his mouth, for a different type...
Narcissa Rostand's Journal - The Rostand by WanSue_Gm
Narcissa Rostand's Journal - The WanSue_Gm
A little view of the daily life of the Rostand family through the eyes of their Head of Family Narcissa Rostand, spanning since her childhood and passing through her eng...
Gaara Gets Rough (GaaSaku) by mysticwater88
Gaara Gets Rough (GaaSaku)by mysticwater
Challenge 9 Innuendo. GaaraSakura oneshot. Sakura needs to face her fears and let Gaara put IT in her. Is it sexual tension running high when Gaara needs to get rough wi...
the last first date / / by awkward-desu
the last first date / /by 𝓮𝔁𝓲𝓼𝓽 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓲�...
a woman attends yet another first date, not knowing it's her last. [no dialogue] ©AWKWARD-DESU. 2020
California Kisses by lissie_starstrukk27
California Kissesby Lisaaaaaaaaaaa :]
When 17 year old Skyla Bennett’s mother remarries to the father of her all time enemy Josh Dawson, she couldn’t think her life could get any worse. She is forced to adap...
Hearts Beyond Time by MadGamer666
Hearts Beyond Timeby kj duffy
Four star crossed lovers. An Egyptian pharoh, his high priest. A Mesopotamian princess. Her high priestess. They fell in love 3,000 years ago. But what has changed, i...
The Producers by BrianPhelps
The Producersby Brian Phelps
Couples who make beautiful music together.
The Codex: An Angel's Guide to Seducing A Human by JoeDuck
The Codex: An Angel's Guide to JoeDuck
When an ancient book capable of summoning a demon is stolen from heaven, Narius, a young and not so bright angel of knowledge, is cast down and ordered to destroy it. If...
the girl by salsaisyum
the girlby salsaisyum
This description sucks but give the story shot.This is about a girl (Quinn) , her family , friends, exes , enemies,school (blah) fuckboys,sweethearts , a lot of confusio...
DragonTails by Amberukiseve
DragonTailsby Just Amber
Searching for a better title, please help... This story is about a dragoness who's separated from her family, and thrown onto another dimension, on the same day. She has...