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The Girl With The Sunset Eyes {Historical Interracial Romance/ #1 Blake Series} by MeepyM
The Girl With The Sunset Eyes { MeepyM
{London 1795} Katherine Ayim is resold illegally after running away from her master. Her new owner is known for his benevolent nature and approachable character. But, t...
  • understanding
  • master
  • kiss
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Snake Eyes [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Snake Eyes [boyxboy]by Jen
Mark Luce is a clueless, kind-hearted 17 year old. Having to deal with his perverted best friend Shaw, his vicious bully Joey, a grandpa that still thinks he’s in World...
  • karma
  • girl
  • gay
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A Little Bit Ninja by XundecidedX
A Little Bit Ninjaby XundecidedX
Living in a world where the dance team is her kingdom, fashion her passion, and judo her secret pastime, Jade Wright’s life is as close to perfect as it can be without h...
  • attack
  • list
  • dog
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The arts of spoon throwing by x_Angelu_x
The arts of spoon throwingby Angelu
❝Everyone is born with a heart, unfortunately theirs were tainted❞ Just imagine a normal day at your typical high school. Everyone with their friends eating and chatting...
  • love
  • perfection
  • family
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Dylan Klebold X Eric Harris LEMON THO by bannnagirl3
Dylan Klebold X Eric Harris Cool Kit Katz 1
They fuck I have no condolences to 1999 or dylan or Eric
  • throw
  • cant
  • klebold
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Draw by gaylordchiang66
Drawby gaylordchiang66
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  • every
  • throw
  • anything
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Spy IMing by -ANDI-
Spy IMingby Andi
Fan Fiction for the Gallagher Girls series. Cammie "the Chameleon" Morgan and her friends are introduced to an online chat program for spies only right before...
  • mittens
  • caps
  • windows
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Chasing after Love <3 by ayitstiff
Chasing after Love <3by Tiffany Madison Li
Senior year of high school. All about partying and having fun right? Wrong. When Tori and her best friends, Taylor and Elle start liking the new boy, they are desperate...
  • throw
  • grin
  • taylor
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Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
  • medicine
  • thin
  • old
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Klamille by Franceswriting
Klamilleby frances hancock
"You've changed you know." "I have a good therapist."
  • story
  • hayley
  • klaroline
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Behind the Fake Smile *completed* by MouldyBanana
Behind the Fake Smile *completed*by Saarah
Joanne Alker, lives the life that every teenager lives. Mundane and routine in every way, she finds that the only thing that brings adventure to her life is the same thi...
  • new
  • hospital
  • meeting
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Nervousness (joshler sickfic) by niallbrendonseanmark
Nervousness (joshler sickfic)by Rebecca Alice.
Josh tweeted out about how he would vomit onstage on snl. So I decided to write a sickfic. This is slight joshler, slightly just Tyler JUST caring for a friend. There is...
  • joshdun
  • joshler
  • fluff
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Magazine by amitiehone43
Magazineby amitiehone43
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  • child
  • ball
  • series
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Pattern by uballmohtashami40
Patternby uballmohtashami40
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  • candidate
  • send
  • capital
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Month by ruedalbertis50
Monthby ruedalbertis50
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  • role
  • group
  • exactly
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Two Boys, One Girl, Three Hearts, and One Year by BigRed3
Two Boys, One Girl, Three BigRed3
Maya moves to a new school. When moving to this new school, she meets two boys. Those two boys are Jason and Dylan. Both of them don't have a good reputation, but she...
  • war
  • dylan
  • pictionary
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Fight by kalebvargas57
Fightby kalebvargas57
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  • hệ
  • although
  • above
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Family by cosettehawkins37
Familyby cosettehawkins37
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  • anything
  • always
  • respond
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Large by chaddyluby24
Largeby chaddyluby24
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  • election
  • individual
  • natural
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Parent by naticatimberman87
Parentby naticatimberman87
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  • compare
  • crime
  • learn
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