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And then I was left with the other two… both loved to bits, but equally as dangerous.

They both had the same ‘mad’ that I didn’t tell then anything about this look, ‘amused’ because they saw this coming, and ‘smirking’, because they had caught me out doing something I didn’t want to be caught out doing. But mostly present was the ‘mad’ expression.

Lee and Carrie.

What was Carrie even doing here? She wasn’t supposed to be here till 7. And why was Lee here too? Oh please just go away and leave me alone!

“I think you both have some explaining to do…” Lee warned, coming closer towards us.

“And we’re not leaving until we hear every last detail!”

Oh fuck my life!


“There’s nothing to explain!” I blushed whilst quickly pulling my self away from under Josh, who by the way made absolutely no attempt to move, instead he just moved to his side and leaned on his elbow with that god damn smirk on his face; he clearly found this amusing…

I did not.

“Yeah there’s nothing to it” Josh added, sparing me a wink, “I was simply trying to show Sky how irresistible my good looks and charms are. However, I wouldn’t actually know if they worked now since we were rudely interrupted”

Carrie and Lee both looked unconvinced, however the knowing look Carrie gave me warned me that this wasn’t over. Oh boy.

“Erm, not that it’s any of my business though dude, but er…. Wasn’t that your girl that just went running out the house?” Lee chuckled, Carrie joining in with the laughter.

Ha. Yeah some girlfriend. Slug friend. Slug slug slug.

Okay grow up now Skyla, you’ve had your fun.

She’s still a slug.

Josh scoffed and pulled his cell out of his back pocket and started to text.

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