California Kisses *10

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Okay so I'm guessing this is one of those times where you find yourself in a totally uncomfortable situation with no explanation for others except to yourself.

I glanced towards the gaping apes standing in the doorway with no idea how to start this. What was I supposed to say? They just happened to walk in when I was in this position, which by the way reminded me that I was still lying on Chase.

I quickly scrambled off Chase and helped him up.

"Not bad sis" he said and winked. Oh that wink. Does he not know what he was doing to me with his hotness? I swear he's going to be the death of someone one day! I had to physically shake myself before I got lost in those stupid pretty eyes.

"OH MY GOD!!! Why didn't you ever tell me you could dance like THAT! Oh my god that was amazing! You were so good! Oh my god I can't believe you've been holding back on me. Oh my god why haven't I seen this room before? It's so freaking amazing! Oh my god you're just so damn good sky! Just wow!" Alice said astonished.

Oh. Okay. So no mention of that awkward position then. Good.

"Erm, well I kinda haven't been in here in a while, you know, since things... changed. I well, I got frustrated today" I spared a glare at Josh who was mirroring my expression only with more anger.

I cocked an eyebrow at him but he averted his gaze to the wall. Okayyyyy???

"Anyway, I wanted to lash out at something, but the anger was all inside of me and the only way of getting it out was to physically throw myself around. And what was the best course of action other than dancing?" I laughed nervously.

Besides Carrie and my dad, and at parties where I was too drunk to remember, I had never actually danced in front of any one else, not even my mother, so I was kind of embarrassed now I had been exposed.

"Well wow. Seriously Sky that was amazing! You were so good! And so were you Chase! It was like you belonged together" I might have imagined it, but I could of swore Josh grimaced?

"You should seriously take this up! Ty wasn't she amazing?!" Alice exclaimed.

"You were utterly outstanding. Truly you were" Ty replied. He was staring at me with an expression which I couldn't place.

I looked at Matt to see that he was smiling at me and Chase.

"Yeah you two were pretty good. That's my princess!" he said and came to pull me in for a kiss.

I kissed him back willingly before Josh growled.

"Ugh if you would just go get a room please! The sight is quite disgusting!"

I pulled away and glared at Josh.

"Okay seriously douche bag what bit your ass?" I snapped.

He narrowed his eyes at me and glowered.

"You just make me feel sick. Even the sight of you makes me sick. I just don't want to see you right now. I'm calling Ashley over"

And with that he stormed out the room.

"Okay what the fuckflies was his problem?" I asked everyone puzzled.

Confusion flickered from every face.

"I seriously don't know. I'm going to go check on him. Seriously, you were amazing hun" Ty said to me and kissed Alice before going off to find Josh.

Alice ran up to me and gave me a hug

"Girl you have SERIOUSLY got to teach me how to dance" she yelled and we all relaxed into laughter.

"Oh Mr. Lightning shoes can show you here" I chuckled at Alice before turning to Chase who was smirking at me. Somehow his smirk looked a lot more inviting than Josh's

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