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Midnight's Hour | A Collection of Poems by LadySnowdrop
Midnight's Hour | A Collection A. Y. Eirlys
Where swirls of untimely words reside... Venture in and you might not be able to venture back out. . . . Gorgeous cover by @Rosalie_TheDarkLady
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
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Double life by axellesmet
Double lifeby axellesmet
Everyone has three lives, a public life, a private life and a secret life. Skylar Callaway has taken this quote to the extreme. She is the most introvert, silent, unkno...
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Double Trouble (girl x boy x boy) by phoesrules
Double Trouble (girl x boy x boy)by Phoebe
when people never know if it's a good idea to do something or not then don't do it, its this mistake that made Alexandra fear for her life once again. Alexandra is the p...
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Road Tripping With The Baseball Team by DomBev
Road Tripping With The Baseball DomBev
Amanda and Carter's have gone through so much and this summer their relationship gets put to the test throw in jelousy, lies and some danger and there is bound to be dra...
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Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Oneshots by MaidenAndPirate
Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Oneshotsby Maddy & Mei
Authors: 👑 & 💎 This Oneshot book contains oneshots with different Male OR Female Rangers from Super Sentai (mostly male) AND Kamen Rider Characters (Male OR Female). I...
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Maru's Oc's Book by -_Maru-Chan_-
Maru's Oc's Bookby Maru
I DON'T OWN THE REALLY GOOD ANIME PICTURES. You can tell bc I anit at that level of art yet 🤭😔✊ Highest ranking-282(4/20/18)
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Kamen Rider Decade x Multiverse (OC x Harem) by TrueRisingFTW
Kamen Rider Decade x Multiverse ( TrueRising
The son of the legendary Kamen Rider Decade, also known as Tsukasa Kadoya, has found himself travelling across multiple worlds! Worlds in which are under peril due to a...
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Saved  by countryreb020
Saved by Country Writer
Flip flopping between the city and the country has been one girl's way of life for as long as she could remember. While her mother is an upscale fashion designer in New...
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Double the Payne (One Direction FanFic) by dramadiva267
Double the Payne (One Direction Ashleigh
Liam Payne. 1/5 of One Direction. We all know who he is. He's responsible, usually. What happens when one day, at a concert, he runs into his twin sister that was taken...
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The Broken Families | Draco Malfoy [6] by xonceuponatimex
The Broken Families | Draco ↳ (uh-lay-nuh)
It's been years since the famous Potter twins defeated Voldemort and won the war. In between those years, Harry and Max Potter married the love of their lives and had ki...
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The Fag Swag [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Fag Swag [boyxboy]by Jen
When she determines that he’s too nice for his own good, Nick Bradley’s best friend Molly decides to toughen the gay boy up. Sadly for Nick, Molly’s method is to have Ni...
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Double Trouble by _human-being_
Double Troubleby Menhera-Chan
Note: Doesn't include LGBTQ+ stuff The complicated lives of two twins, Lee Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi gets more complicated when Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung enters it. F...
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Beyond (Book Two of The Whispered Tales) by angelapoppe
Beyond (Book Two of The Angela Poppe
After a long year of studying, seventeen-year-old Victoria decides to spend her summer holiday in the countryside. Not happy with the decision at first, she is surprised...
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The Double Life by Natasha_Smith
The Double Lifeby Tasha
Abigail Benton has it all. She has a loving family, great friends, a good job, but most importantly, a loving husband who can give her the world. She has everything she...
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Neo Decade Gaiden: Heisei Rider Hen by kaikun47
Neo Decade Gaiden: Heisei Rider Henby kaikun47
This will be a Gaiden of the Heisei Riders (excluding Decade and Zi-O as Decade is the main protagonist of his own series and Zi-O appeared in the final episodes) follow...
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Filagra by Buyfilagra
Filagraby Filagra
Filagra is one of the popular ED drugs to deal with sexual disabilities in men. The medicine is a Sildenafil Citratecomposition known for improving overall erotic abilit...
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Double Trouble Couple by heyiamisay
Double Trouble Coupleby Y A S I
Nam Joo-Hyuk and Lee Sung-Kyung
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Lunar Eclipse by AfraZahinHassan
Lunar Eclipseby Alraya islam
It all started with a game
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kamen rider double x senki zesshou symphogear (male reader insert) by Dekaconvoy
kamen rider double x senki Deka convoy
Y/n wakes up on a bench with a strange suitcase next to him. He suddenly gets ttacked by strange creatures called noise. How will he survive in this strange looking worl...
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