California Kisses

California Kisses

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Lisaaaaaaaaaaa :] By lissie_starstrukk27 Updated Jul 16, 2011

When 17 year old Skyla Bennett’s mother remarries to the father of her all time enemy Josh Dawson, she couldn’t think her life could get any worse. She is forced to adapt to his likings as well as focussing on taking the role as a sister to his other brothers, particularly one, Chase, who Skyla seems to have sprung a liking to since the first time they met.

Skyla and Josh’s parents beg them to get along for the sake of the family, but will getting on open a new leaf for them? A leaf of untold desires and emotional confusion for Sky between Josh and her boyfriend 

Matt is one of Skyla’s best friends. He claims he loves Skyla and would do anything for her... but is he all that he had cracked up to be?

A tale of Love, Betrayal and Friendship.

Will Skyla ever get her happy ending?

And will it even involve Josh...