Kevin's Baby by CrystalWings-
Kevin's Babyby CrystalWings-
"Well I think the best option is that we should get married" I said breaking the silence. "Have you lost your mind" she yelled at me. "Look I...
  • family
  • ashley
  • baby
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Change My Mind ( #wattys2017 ) by Beatbreaks
Change My Mind ( #wattys2017 )by Beatbreaks
Harry Styles is one of the students at Austin L High school , but he isn't like everyone else, he kind of runs the school, well he and his four mates, Louis Tomlinson, N...
  • louistomlinson
  • directioner
  • liampayne
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Instagram story//S.M [COMPLETED] by tarryN_xx
Instagram story//S.M [COMPLETED]by Tarryyy X🥂
@shawnmendes commented on your post... Ashley lace finds her self falling for singer Shawn Mendes when she accidentally bumps into him before his concert.She never knew...
  • mendesarmy
  • wattys2017
  • instagram
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Ashley's Asylum (2) by Infamous
Ashley's Asylum (2)by Bea Infamous
Two Serial killers, one captive, chances of survival? Student psychologist Ashley is on a journey that will shake the foundations of her existence as she fights to stay...
  • serialkiller
  • mystery-thriller
  • ashley
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The Journey Of A Silver Wolf [WATTY'S 2017] by ThePsychoMadHatter
The Journey Of A Silver Wolf [ ☆ Shiwii ☆
Who am I? The question Ashley Simmer asks herself everyday. She knew that she wasn't an ordinary wolf. She grew up living with her sister, Faith Simmer and her sister's...
  • faith
  • ashley
  • hunters
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Nerdproof | ✔ by By_OliviaGrace
Nerdproof | ✔by Olivia Grace
nerd: /nərd/ noun A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. That's me... nerdproof: /nərdpro͞...
  • love
  • bad
  • good
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ℌalsey imagines {ɢɪʀʟxɢɪʀʟ} by LunaEngbjerg
ℌalsey imagines {ɢɪʀʟxɢɪʀʟ}by Romeo
Just a book of two girls having some fun (Contains: Smut, swearing, and some triggers) HIGHEST RANKING: #1 IN HALSEY
  • lesbian
  • ashleyfrangipane
  • wattpride
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Until Dawn | Josh x OC [COMPLETED] by maddie_kays
Until Dawn | Josh x OC [COMPLETED]by maddie <3
[ Highest Ranking: #1 in #UntilDawn ] [ Highest Ranking: #1 in #ButterflyEffect ] [ Highest Ranking: #1 in #JoshuaWashington ] | - | ❝ A tiny butterfly flapping its wing...
  • mike
  • jessica
  • chris
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The Undercover Streetfighter✔ {Under Editing} by ashthunder123
The Undercover Streetfighter✔ { Pakhi Goel
{COMPLETE} {EDITING IN PROCESS} Ashley Winster, an alternate persona of what the world expects her to be. One who never follows rules, skips detentio...
  • brother
  • action
  • streetfighter
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Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) ✔️ (editing) by LexusRat
Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) Mouse
Alexis (Lexus) Ratliff is an aspiring musician, and close friends with the five men of Black Veil Brides, her closest relation being to their singer, Andy. They decide t...
  • andy
  • tour
  • music
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Ashley |k.p.| (COMPLETED) by glitterinthebrain
Ashley |k.p.| (COMPLETED)by glitterinthebrain
Ashley's been in a relationship drought for years. However, one night, she meets Keith and he gives her a feeling she hasn't felt in a long time. What's the catch? Keith...
  • kimjohansson
  • ashley
  • keithpowers
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Ms.Bitchy Nerd by joyceamatorio
Ms.Bitchy Nerdby joyceamatorio
(authors note: pleaseeee !!!!!! support my story po .....sana magandahan kayo kung magandahan man kayo plsss vote.and comment narin ......1st story ko po ito sana magust...
  • nerd
  • jisoo
  • tagaloglovestory
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The Special Omega (COMPLETED) by animallover1207
The Special Omega (COMPLETED)by animallover1207
Ashley is an abused omega with a very big secret. When her mate, the soon to be alpha, Ashton rejects her she runs away. That was the last straw. At midnight she packed...
  • omega
  • josh
  • hunter
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Andley smut book by Tohkamoko
Andley smut bookby Fallen rebel
warning!!! extreme smut and me if you have a request and I'll make your request reality...comment and vote?!❤
  • kinks
  • ashley
  • somesweet
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𝓃𝓊𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝒻𝒶𝓃𝒷𝑜𝓎  ✧  𝒶𝓃𝒹𝓁𝑒𝓎 (✓)  by yestertae
𝓃𝓊𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝒻𝒶𝓃𝒷𝑜𝓎 𝒷𝓇𝒾
❝u-um my name is andy biersack.❞ ❝i already know that babe.❞ ✧ where andy biersack is an obsessive fan for the band black veil brides, and it just so happens one day as...
  • jakepitts
  • bvb
  • ashleypurdy
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Instagram. // N.H by Nonthelooseh
Instagram. // N.Hby Diana
niallhoran started following you niallhoran liked your post niallhoran left a comment on your post ---- - Thank you for having write such a beautiful story, I really lo...
  • gomez
  • louis
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Zeal ▹ Steve Rogers [1] by wavyonce
Zeal ▹ Steve Rogers [1]by ㅤ
❝I wanted success, and I finally got it. However, now when I should feel fulfilled: I have the greatest emptiness in my heart.❞ [captain america: the first avenger] NOV...
  • steverogers
  • chrisevans
  • captainamerica
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Until dawn: Love and danger (Josh X Reader) by Missymojo5642
Until dawn: Love and danger ( Missymojo5642
This is a Until Dawn fanfic A year after Josh's sisters death. He invites the gang back to the cabin for a reunion. Is this your opportunity to get closer to Josh? You c...
  • josh
  • sam
  • game
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Cheated by flowerbug
Cheatedby Ali James
S O P H I E never imagined that she'd witness her mate cheating on her. When it did end up happening, she was completely caught off guard, having no clue how to react...
  • mathew
  • alpha
  • miscarriage
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The Luna's Princess by krazykatgurl
The Luna's Princessby krazykatgurl
After her seventeenth birthday, Morgan Mayor became pregnant with her mate's pup. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Leah, and here we are, 4 months later. ...
  • leah
  • teenmom
  • werewolf
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