California Kisses *6

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****** Recap ******

The folded piece of paper reappeared under my hand. I was suddenly nervous to open it up. I glanced at Matt again and caught him looking down. Wait... was he blushing?

*Okay, so I really like you. I have done for ages now. When I joke around with you saying that I think you're sexy, and you're gorgeous and stuff, I'm not actually joking, I really do like you. Alot. Your kind, your funny, your beautiful and you make me smile even when I think it is impossible. What I'm trying to say is erm, well would you be my girlfriend. I would understand if you said no, I mean, I guess I'm no one special, but I will always be your friend no matter what the decision. So will you?*

Oh hell. THAT was not what I was expecting. What should I do? I've never really looked at Matt like that. I mean sure he's good looking, he's kind and gentle, and I know he would never hurt me, but what would this do to our friendship? If I said no, what would happen? I couldn't stand to see him go through any pain. But what if I said yes? What if I did become his girlfriend? Would that be weird? No, I don't think it would be, and being friends first kind of gives us a heads up in our relationship since we know so much about each other already. Heck! Why the hell not, it's worth a try.



The rest of the day went by in a blur. I was pleasantly surprised at mine and Matt's new behaviour. Although we were practically best friends already, by being in a relationship we were even closer, and we could do things that we never could before like kiss.

*** Flashback***

*yes* I replied.

As soon as Matt read the note, he looked me in the eyes and flashed me a dazzling smile. Just that simple action made my heart suddenly flutter. I could see the happiness in his eyes, and I just wanted to make him happier there and then. He must have seen the confidence in my eyes because he suddenly intertwined his hand with mine. His hand was warm and inviting. It felt comforting and safe. I mean sure I've held his hand plenty times before, but this time it was different, it had a different meaning.

When the bell rang, we walked to next period in comfortable silence. We just held hands for the rest of the day.

*** End of flashback***

I was prepared to go serve my detention with the THING, but I found out the principle was off sick for at least a week. Bonus! That meant we got out of the detention.

I walked back through the car park with Matt, and saw my Ferrari parked next to a glossy black convertible BMW. Josh was still here. I was so tempted to just jump in my baby and drive off and leave him here, but then I remembered that I didn't have the keys. Damn.

"Skylie! Hey over here!" I focussed my attention back on the BMW and the person sitting behind the wheel.

"Lee! What are you doing here?" I asked happily as I climbed into the car and dragged Matt in with me even though he looked unsure.

"I was supposed to pick you up silly. I guess that's your car there right?" he chuckled.

"Well duh, of course I remembered, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten into your car. And yes, that is my car, which means IT is still inside somewhere. But I don't care. Just drive before I have to see his face. It's bad enough that he lives with me now.

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