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Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson) by muffie2000
Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson)by muffie2000
What if demigod Alex has to go live with her brother Jacob Black for the summer. Will she be able to keep her secret? ***completed*** Twilight X Percy Jackson
  • imprint
  • percy
  • cullens
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Eternal  by freee_avery
Eternal by freee_avery
Nora-Jane Swan is Bella Swans adopted sister who has lived with her since they were 2 years old. Now they move to Forks to live with Charlie. What happens when they both...
  • bella
  • vampires
  • carlisle
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The Cullen's shared mate (slow updates)  by kiing_jen
The Cullen's shared mate (slow kiing_jen
Innocence was something people would often use to describe Luna Montgomery For her bright smile was contagious The way she gazed at everything with wonder and curiosit...
  • edward
  • mates
  • cullens
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Twilight: The Pheobe Cullen Series by xKol_Mikaelsonx
Twilight: The Pheobe Cullen Seriesby Smile For No Reason
Pheobe Elizabeth Masen Cullen is the younger twin to Renesmee Carlie Cullen and the daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen. When Pheobe was born she was very ill because...
  • renesmee
  • pheobe
  • jasper
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My Twilight by Pinkperel
My Twilightby Pinkperel
A completely new spin on Twilight. Join the beloved characters as they meet in a completely new setting: Bella is already a vampire.
  • cullens
  • edward
  • twilight
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Detroit: Become Human | Connor x OC by xxneverxlosexhopexx
Detroit: Become Human | Connor x OCby Detroit Become Human | Connor...
Being human isn't as simple as being born that way. It's our actions that define who we are. Connor x OC *set during and after the events of Detroit: Become Human *
  • hankanderson
  • connor
  • detroitbecomehuman
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Twilight imagines/preferences by Erincullen0
Twilight imagines/preferencesby Kpop1dmendes💙
These are twilight preferences of all the movies and my fanfiction! This is for all races and I will possibly do the females too if requested. -Edward -Jacob -Emmett -J...
  • edward
  • vampire
  • jacob
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The Youngest Cullen by AmericanCowGirl19
The Youngest Cullenby Cowgirl19
Alison Connolly was murdered on January 3rd,1970 walking home from the library by a vampire who left her on her own to figure out what she was. However, seeing her futur...
  • adventure
  • emmett
  • jasper
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Humanity | Paul Lahote ✓ by lahotaste
Humanity | Paul Lahote ✓by ˗ˏˋ ᴊᴇᴀɴɴɪᴇ ˊˎ˗
"Her human-like personality and traits make my heart flutter. I hated it at first, but now I know. I know that she is really, actually made for me." In which a...
  • dawn
  • eclipse
  • emmett
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Rising New Moon (Jasper Hale Love Story) by KatherineIn
Rising New Moon (Jasper Hale KatherineIn
(Sequel) It has been a few months since she learned about vampires. She and Jasper were together. But, What happens when Jasper had to move away due to what had happen a...
  • love
  • rosalie
  • bella
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The Infected by Hellove
The Infectedby Natalie
Alice has lost everything after the infected began causing chaos on the earth. No one is safe anymore, everywhere you go you are met with humans who have been infected b...
  • infected
  • disease
  • alice
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My Poems and life by SIN1426
My Poems and lifeby Angel Arts
Just little things that I have done that are about me
  • wonderland
  • alice
  • sacrifice
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Hatter by ERSreader27
Hatterby ERSreader27
Wonderland. A magical, mystical place, but not quite like the Disney version. The Red Queen, although strange, is not a threat. The White Rabbit, not a rabbit at all, j...
  • fairytale
  • marchhare
  • madhatter
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Spark by PageStory
Sparkby P.S
{will edit later}
  • science
  • kingdom
  • ches
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Picking up the Pieces by MellissyDC
Picking up the Piecesby Melissa "Missy" Cooper
Bella's pregnant after the Cullen's leave, and this child is anything but human. Along with old and new friends, Bella starts a new coven and tries her best to move on w...
  • bella
  • charlie
  • carlisle
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The Advisors by rachelw56
The Advisorsby rachelw56
The voice is telling me I died, but since when did I start listening to the voices? Were they here before? No one answers my questions. Maybe i’m falling. Yes, falling...
  • alice
Bendy and the ink machine roleplay by Katie_demon_11
Bendy and the ink machine roleplayby Bendy the demon
okay so.... this is my first roleplay book.... just let me know what character ya wanna be:) hope you enjoy :)))
  • random
  • sammy
  • joeydrew
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