Never stopped by falice4good
Never stoppedby falice4good
FP and Alice had a past? Of course, but will they have a future together? Will they get through everything life has prepared for them? Will they still love each other a...
  • alicesmith
  • riverdale
  • fpjones
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Moonrise || Harry Potter Twilight Crossover || FanFiction by Cheshire_Carroll
Moonrise || Harry Potter Girl in ฬ๏ภ๔єгℓคภ๔
After the War, Hermione wants a break from the Wizarding world, and decides to join her twin sister Bella in Forks. Bella has never told the Cullens about Hermione, but...
  • bisexual
  • freethelbgt
  • harrypotter
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Changes {Emmett Cullen}  by skjefferson
Changes {Emmett Cullen} by CallMeB
Ezra Geralds has lived in Forks, Washington almost all of his life. He lived his life in a steady routine. School, swim practice, work then home. He never tried to be ad...
  • vampires
  • love
  • jaspercullen
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The Cold Girl (Gakuen Alice Fanfiction) by RetardedBrat
The Cold Girl (Gakuen Alice Clover
Author-chan can't even do a description. But anywhores I am Megumi Shizuki. I'm writing this for fun because I want readers to enjoy my stories. I might not update for a...
  • academy
  • anime
  • gakuen
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Jasper's Deaf Mate (1) by JasperMate1863
Jasper's Deaf Mate (1)by River
Serena is Bella Swan's deaf 16 year old little sister, who dislikes nothing more than hearing people. What would happen when she meets Jasper Hale, the only hearing boy...
  • twilight
  • forks
  • wattys2018
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capsized - j.h (UNDER EXTREME EDITING) by adorearreaga
capsized - j.h (UNDER EXTREME 孤
❝ your emotions.. t-they make me feel like I'm suffocating in water, like I'm drowning❞ ❝ isn't it funny? that's how I feel everyday❞ ©adorearreaga 'HIGHEST RANKS' #1 i...
  • bella
  • wolves
  • cullen
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1 | The Other Swan  ⇒ Alice Cullen by -mochiX
1 | The Other Swan ⇒ Alice Cullenby ℳ
[COMPLETED & EDITING] "When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It's where my demons hide Don't get too close It's dark inside It's where my demons hide" -Imagi...
  • jeep
  • volturi
  • cullens
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Detroit: Become Human|One Shots x reader by GoldwickWriter
Detroit: Become Human|One Shots Madam Goldwick
These are xreader story's, read the first page of this to learn what I do because yes I'll take requests ?? SMUT WARNING
  • xreader
  • hank
  • kara
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Emmett's Jeanie by katlee55
Emmett's Jeanieby boredstudent
What if Emmett and Rose weren't mates. What if Rose and Edward were mates, and Alice had thought Bella would be Emmett's mate but that didn't work out like she thought i...
  • esme
  • love
  • curses
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Thinking Out Loud by alonely-dreamer
Thinking Out Loudby Pandora
When Isabella and her little sister Evangeline moved to Forks they had no illusion they would like it. Isabella hated it and all Evangeline wanted was to be left alone...
  • cullen
  • esmecullen
  • edward
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Twilight: The Pheobe Cullen Series by xKol_Mikaelsonx
Twilight: The Pheobe Cullen Seriesby Smile For No Reason
Pheobe Elizabeth Masen Cullen is the younger twin to Renesmee Carlie Cullen and the daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen. When Pheobe was born she was very ill because...
  • bella
  • edward
  • cullens
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crazy || h. hook by ariescherries
crazy || h. hookby ╰☆╮amy grace╰☆╮
❝so what if I'm fucking crazy? yeah, i'm gonna show you❞ the wicked will rise [HARRY HOOK, DESCENDANTS 2] [BOOK ONE IN THE CRAZY SERIES] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO DISNEY AN...
  • aliceinwonderland
  • queenofhearts
  • cheshirecat
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『Opposites Attract』【Jacob Black x Cassandra, Twilight】 by YoongiNights
『Opposites Attract』【Jacob Black KimINo ~김이노~
"Suddenly it's not Gravity holding you to the Earth's her. And nothing else matters more than you'd be anything for become whatever she need...
  • cassandra
  • alice
  • emmett
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You Have a Choice (Connor x Reader ) by Haru-yuki21
You Have a Choice (Connor x Haru-yuki21
Connor and Hank are sent to another case as usual, but what happens when this droid encounters a certain female. She walks among humans as if she's one of them, but litt...
  • dbh
  • xreader
  • deviants
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Bella The Shifter - Shifter Of The Sun by Cutiepie_404
Bella The Shifter - Shifter Of Cutiepie
"She only survived because the fire burning inside her was stronger than the fire surrounding her" After Edward leaves Bella in new moon, she is heartbroken. ...
  • edward
  • twilight
  • emmet
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Gakuen Alice: I Will Protect You! by sakuramia_
Gakuen Alice: I Will Protect You!by a l i c e🌸
"Sakura Mia, and I'm here to take Sakura Mikan out from this academy!!!" Those are the words that Mia uttered and swore on her first day in Alice Academy. Bar...
  • love
  • nogiruka
  • mikan
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Bughead's Serpent Princess by writingbymolls
Bughead's Serpent Princessby M 💗
Betty and Jughead are hopelessly in love, but when a baby comes into the picture and all heck is thrown their way, how does Bughead handle the pressure? TRIGGER WARNING...
  • bughead
  • chuck
  • barchie
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Bella The Demigod by Cutiepie_404
Bella The Demigodby Cutiepie
A twilight - Percy Jackson crossover. Join Bella in an exhilarating story of trust, love and betrayal. Having enough of the Cullen's playing with her, she finally snaps...
  • twilight
  • bella
  • percyjackson
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My Twin Daddies by Flying_Free123
My Twin Daddiesby D R E A M B I G
"You're ours, baby girl. You hear me?" "Yes, daddy." Alice is a sweet little who's living in an orphanage. One day, she meets Dimitri and Damien. T...
  • babygirl
  • baby
  • mxgxm
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Edward and Bella: Another Love Story by _ItsZem_
Edward and Bella: Another Love um
In this fiction adventure join Bella as a vampire going through a repeat of lives. But when she moves to a small town named Forks, under a constant cover of clouds and r...
  • cullen
  • love
  • carlisle
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