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My Mate Your Alpha Lover by SweetCholate
My Mate Your Alpha Loverby Keziah G.
!!Don't Copy Please!! Skyla is a nerd and a very pretty one but lost all hope when her parents died and has to take care of her little brother from there she bullied by...
  • mate
  • skyla
  • alpha
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I'm In Love With...? {Completed} by TheRiverRunsDeep
I'm In Love With...? {Completed}by Savvy
Skyla's a shy, straight-A student who ends up falling for a tall, handsome stranger. He's everything she could dream of: nice, caring, and selfless ... Why couldn't she...
  • king
  • stranger
  • nerd
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Life as a rich kid by elg2000
Life as a rich kidby egreendog
Skyla is part of a rich family and has been isolated from society since she was 7. When she is finally given the chance to go to school but not as the rich well know Sk...
  • nerd
  • watts2017
  • model
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The shy girl no one notices...till now by xAngelFromAbovex
The shy girl no one Chloe
Skyla has always been the shy, unseen girl in the back of the classroom, she's the girl you would never notice. Not until Jeremy come's along, transferring classes into...
  • highschool
  • jeremy
  • romance
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Riverdale Enemies to lovers (Sweetvee) CANCELED  by Skyla_hill
Riverdale Enemies to lovers ( Skyla
Mostly Sweetvee some Bughead and a bit of Choni (No sex scenes sorry I don't feel comfortable with writing that and the worst is kissing)
  • hill
  • skyla
  • sweetvee
Supernatural 3 (Teil2 Von Supernatural Sky) by Apfelkuchen2018
Supernatural 3 (Teil2 Von S, S, A, M
!!!!Teil 2 von Supernatural Sky - Also erst Supernatural Sky lesen !!!! Nach Dylens Tod ist Sky unglaublich trarig. Wären da nicht ihre Kinder. Denn vor Dylens Tod war S...
  • skyla
  • gefährlich
  • werwolf
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A Safe Haven       [Sequel to "The Second Dragon Rider"] by Khaleesi-Of-Trolls
A Safe Haven [Sequel to " Khaleesi-Of-Trolls
Skyla, Eret and their six children have been living at peace on Berk for the past fourteen years until their only son Kristopher notices his mother has been behaving str...
  • bewilderbeast
  • babybewilderbeast
  • childrenoferet
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The Journey of A Champion: A Pokemon Fanfic by MoonCrane098
The Journey of A Champion: A Nicole
Unova, a region where hundreds of Pokemon are still undiscovered and a year before the immoral Team Plasma threatened the peace. Due to the Hero and his friends' valiant...
  • white
  • generation
  • shipping
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Mlp next Generation by meganbeth24
Mlp next Generationby Rarity is mah wifu
Join my next gen characters in a journey to find there talents, friends and most of all adventure. (Set in the EG universe)
  • skylajewl
  • mlpeg
  • berryblast
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Die 5 Elemente~ Auf ins Abenteuer! by Zockerwlfin
Die 5 Elemente~ Auf ins Abenteuer!by Noelle
Zwei Mädchen, Elemente und Freundschaft. Über ein Computerspiel lernten sie sich kennen, tauschten Nummern aus und wuchsen immer mehr zusammen. Sie hatten Depressionen...
  • leyla
  • gnag
  • luft
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Fairies Meet Pokémon by saquiba
Fairies Meet Pokémonby Syed Ahmad
[THE STORY IS ON HOLD] The Winx Club Fairies have had their share of adventures with witches, wizards, mermaids, and even humans from earth. But what will happen when th...
  • technology
  • waves
  • musa
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California Kisses by lissie_starstrukk27
California Kissesby Lisaaaaaaaaaaa :]
When 17 year old Skyla Bennett’s mother remarries to the father of her all time enemy Josh Dawson, she couldn’t think her life could get any worse. She is forced to adap...
  • skanky
  • relationship
  • step
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Skyla Grace and her Little Group of Followers by IAmTheWeasleyTwins
Skyla Grace and her Little Group Unknown
You Like Skyla Grace? You like Parodies? Skyla Grace+Parody= HAPPINESS! Skyla is back better (and badder) than ever along with the Marauders, Cordelia, Danny and co. Wha...
  • little
  • harry
  • skyla
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Zufall?~Eine Stexomdabistumor und Bnha FF by Zockerwlfin
Zufall?~Eine Stexomdabistumor Noelle
Ich. Eine unbedeutende, kleine YouTuberin. Skyla und Amica. Meine besten Freundinnen, ebenfalls YouTuberinnen. Kaum waren wir nach Köln gezogen, lernten wir neue Leute...
  • skyla
  • freedomsquad
  • amica
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One day Cinderella was cleaning the floors like her stepmother told her. When suddenly the ground started to shake. When her 2 stepsisters looked out the window they sc...
  • skyla
  • taylor
  • marron
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A Card's 2 Sides by Ms_JMLi
A Card's 2 Sidesby JM
Skyla Katheryn Alici, a Schizophrenic, bipolar and ADHD-affected teenager is forced into marriage with an-equally rich family's son.
  • skylaalici
  • bipolar
  • skyla
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He Fell For Me, The One Who Will Break His Heart by ashley82101
He Fell For Me, The One Who Will Ash
  • november
  • suspense
  • peters
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Blue eyed girl (Beau Brooks love story) by Fan_Fictions_
Blue eyed girl (Beau Brooks love Fan_Fictions_
When you're just a normal person and then become famous over night. How are you meant to react? i mean. You want to take everyone to the top with you but people start to...
  • worldtour
  • twitter
  • amazing
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