Close Your Eyes by paperandpen444
Close Your Eyesby ~Samantha~
"My name is Savannah, but he calls me Amber." ________ Savannah Noel is your average teenager. Well, she would be, if she wasn't kidnapped at eleven years old...
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instagram // irwin by darlingsharry
instagram // irwinby m
in which a girl tries to get noticed by ashton irwin on instagram. [top rank: #172 in fanfiction]
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Instagram (YBN Nahmir) by ayestahp
Instagram (YBN Nahmir)by ayestahp
Jasmine. Jasmine Rivera. An African American. She's 5"6 with a sarcastic attitude. She has no friends except for online. She has 9,000 followers on instagram, but s...
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Roommates [Harry Styles] by londonstars
Roommates [Harry Styles]by Bo✨
[COMPLETED] What would you do if your roommate was the person you hate the most? Amy now lives with her enemy. The one who broke her heart and she hated. The...
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MaNan - Who am I ???  by Charming_Niqaabi
MaNan - Who am I ??? by بنت یونس
Hey watty ppls!!! A story was in my mind from long tym so thought to put it in action . It is very emotional n dark story. This story is about a broken girl. to know he...
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The Search For Cinderella: Season 2 ✔︎ by alexisgracexo
The Search For Cinderella: Alexis Grace
(CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE) Taylor Grace lives with crazy step-mother and sisters in her Beverley Hills mansion while her father is deployed overseas in the army. Wit...
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Just One Hug ✔ by Crystal7016
Just One Hug ✔by Crystal💎
|| BOOK 1 || || NEEDS HIGHLY EDITING || Just a hug. You're running away. Gets stuck in some trouble. A guy saves your life. Who also happens to be a really famous singer...
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Why would she like MY insta ?!//Camren by Fuck_harmony
Why would she like MY insta ?!// Fuck_harmony
Badass Jauregui Queen B Cabello The two never got along So why would She like her picture ?!
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Fighting in Forks by meandabook
Fighting in Forksby meandabook
Alone. That's how Percy feels. After saving the god's once more he's left without the person he cares most for. Sally, not wanting to see her son struggle anymore decide...
  • twilight
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El Dia Que El Infierno Toco La Tierra by Hoshizora6680
El Dia Que El Infierno Toco La Le vale kkita :3
Todo paso ese trágico dia, el dia que el mundo se sumio en una oscuridad total... Todo cambio, Todas cambiamos, solo el mas fuerte sobrevive... Esa a sido la regla desde...
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Fanarts | Vkook by Yasmin_3140
Fanarts | Vkookby Yasmin
A Collection of KookV Fanarts because they're my otp and why not also I don't own any of the Fanarts or pictures. Top Kook Bottom Tae Credits to @nonconman since 90% o...
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Inevitable by tall_girl
Inevitableby Melissa
"It was inevitable . . ." Jack heard Axel murmur against his skin sending shivers across his entire being. ~ ~ ~ After moving to the town of New England with...
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LET'S PLAY! by MrSmardK
LET'S PLAY!by Mr Smard K
Ni pasal Byuntae .Aku rase la.So...x tau jadi le tak .Kalau jadi tolong vote.Kalau x jadi comment la ye?
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H•O•T ||Boys Edition|| (Completed) by Sm00re
H•O•T ||Boys Edition|| (Completed)by セクシーなビッチ
Just as the title implies. And that's it. Just male pictures. Please vote for these. It took me over 24 hours total to get all of these pictures and organize them into p...
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Until You •jjk x kth• by Kim_TaeSu95
Until You •jjk x kth•by JELLY
Genere-Romance,Comedy OTP-VKook Yaoi Tae:ငါ​​ေရာက္​လာတိုင္​း မင္​းကိုဒုကၡပဲ​ေပး​ေနမိတယ္​ Kook:မင္​းကအ​ေတာ္​ထူးဆန္​းတယ္​ မင္​းလိုလူမ်ိဴးငါမင္​းမတိုင္​ခင္​ တစ္​​ေယာက္​မွမ​...
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Dramione one shots by _SilverTongue
Dramione one shotsby The Silver Tongue
One shots of dramione
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He Called Her Angel by born2bewilder
He Called Her Angelby born2bewilder
"The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets...The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears... and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain." "You...
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Love Live X Reader by Skyward-Sword-Link
Love Live X Readerby Link
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[Discontinued] Love Live! Genderbend x Female Reader  by SnowyandRainydays
[Discontinued] Love Live! lani-lani
<< REQUESTS CLOSED >> I do not own the characters of Love Live School Idol Project! Pictures on the cover is not mine either! • Important Note: This story...
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Qoutes and Facts by AutumnInNovember
Qoutes and Factsby amy
If you know the opposite word of loneliness, lend it to me. -김남준 I do not own any of these quotations and facts. Everything belongs to its respective owner.
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