California Kisses *2

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"Mom? I'm home!" I called as I ran up the spiral staircase in the direction of my bedroom. Damn these three story houses! They could be so disadvantageous at times like these, and I had to be the only one with the bedroom on the highest floor didn't I? I had exactly an hour to get ready, and I wanted to be at my most presentable for mom's sake.

"Okay sweetie! How was your day?" I heard her call from downstairs.

"Ugh! Could have been better! I'm going for a bath anyway" I called back.

"Okay honey"

I threw my things on the bed and went straight to the bathroom, stripping along the way, and not caring about picking up after myself.

I filled the giant bathtub right to the top and added smelling salts and rose petals, before sinking in deep and letting out a small sigh as all of my nerves, all of my distressed muscles, and all of my anger that ricketed off the scale today due to that-that THING, evaporated into the water.

After I lay there motionless, listening to my ipod for 20 minutes, I decided it was time to get out, and with another reluctant sigh, I climbed out of the bath and wiped myself down with a towel.

As soon as I came to the closet, I was stuck on what to wear.

I wanted to make and impression to my new family, but I also didn't want to seem too needy. I mean, what if this dinner isn't too fancy, and what if it is just casual wear? I didn't want to be the only one in a floor length gown.

Out of randomness, I suddenly thought of josh, and what his expression would be if he was here, and I'd chosen to wear some gothic styled long black dress. The thought of that made me giggle. Though I abruptly stopped as soon as his face came back into my head again and I felt like I wanted to kill the stupid jerk!

We never used to be enemies, I mean yeah sure, we never were exactly close, but during the beginning of middle school, there would be that odd day where he would decide to walk me to my next class or carry my books. Those days were short lived however until about the following week where he became a complete ass, and we just ended up hating each other ever since.

Just thinking about him again put me in a bad mood. This was not the right time for bad moods. I was soon to meet my new family.

I decided on wearing an LBD which wasn't too short and perverted, but wasn't exactly 'visit your sick grandmother in hospital' appropriate either, but who cares! I'm here to make an impression, and you can never go wrong with an LBD right?

I applied little make up, just wanting to keep it simple, but adding extra lip gloss to draw attention to my full lips.

I finished off my sliding into some silver pumps and fastening a delicate gold chain my father brought me for my 13th just before he died, which displayed the letter 'S' that sat next to a small diamond. My parents thought this was a good representation as the diamond shone so much, it practically looked like a stolen star from the sky, and the S obviously represented my name Skyla. At the back of the necklace, there was an engraved message:

'To my darling Skyla, Who shines like a Super Star! Love daddy x'

I felt a tear escape my eye and roll down my cheek. I quickly kissed the necklace and wiped the tear away before shutting my door, and going downstairs.

As I approached the kitchen, Lily ran out with her arms outstretched wanting to be picked up. I picked her up and he hugged me eagerly.

"Skywa Skywa! We gonna have a new fwamiwee!" she squealed in excitement.

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