California Kisses *26

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The next couple of weeks went by in complete and utter chaos. Everyone seemed to be in permanent working mode trying to rush around and get everything sorted for this time next week. In just 11 days mom and Ryan will be married.

I hadn't completely grasped the whole concept of having another father figure in my life. I knew that Ryan was completely perfect for my mom and that it was unfair on my behalf to stop her from ever being happy again and I am completely serious when I say I am happy for her, its just that, I don't know how I feel about the idea of her forgetting about dad. Lily didn't know her father so shes more than happy for Ryan to take over, it's just... having it feel like he was about to be replaced... I just didn't want to forget the little things such as the sound of his voice which I was struggling to remember now just after a few years.

I knew dad would never be replaced; I will just have to find a place in my heart where both he and Ryan can stay.

Apart from my mixed emotions, everything was going well.

Carrie and Landon were currently in cloud nine, and even things seemed to be sparking up a lot between Josh and this mystery girl.

Okay I know that sounds weird because she was exactly that, a 'mystery girl' -none of us had ever seen her of know of her name, but at school (under Josh's ignorance) I was (sneakily) being more observant with the girls he seemed to socialise with. Unfortunately I still hadn't found out who she was- but every time I would see Josh now, he would shoot me a blinding, but infectious smile which I couldn't help but return. It was good to see him happy. I wanted him to be happy.

Ever since that night when he had declared his love for this girl, ever since I discovered his vulnerable side, something strange happened to me. It was like something opened up inside of me that felt this... need to ensure Josh was happy, and as soon as he was happy I was happy.

I know, strange right?

Of course that doesn't mean he has given up on Trashley.

Yeah that slug is still around and is just as sluggish as ever!

The only couple that seemed to be having problems were Ty and Alice.

No one had quite figured out what was happening with them because they always seemed to put on a false mask of happiness whenever anyone was around them but... yeah there were defiantly problems on THAT cloud.

As for Matt and I? Well, surprisingly things were going quite well. Every day after school Matt would come over and hang out for a while before going off to football practice that Chase also attends with Ty. Yes, you heard right... FOOTBALL!

I had never seen Matt as the football type guy... in fact I had never seen him as any sports sort of guy, but apparently he had picked up a new habit over the past few weeks. It's probably due to the influence by Ty and the amount of time they spend together.

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