California Kisses *28

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“Listen Skyla Bennett we have been doing this for almost 2 years now you are not pulling out on me now just because some mystery guy kissed you last night!”


“No, no buts! We are having our SNT tonight without fail! And besides, we never have enough time for each other anymore. I mean no offence I love spending time with Landon and everything but I MISS MY GIRLIEEEE!”  Carrie whined down the phone to me.

It was 11am, still the middle of the night to me, my limbs were in agony, my head was killing like a bitch thanks to last nights’ little after party, and of course I have to be awakened by my best friend. Good times.

“What do you mean Caz I saw you last night you bean” I laughed.

“That doesn’t count! I was forced to go last night because it was part of the friendship code. I never get to see you for our hot and steamy lesbo sessions anymore because you are either always hung up with Matt or dry humping Josh! I don’t even get to see Alice because every time I ring her she’s with Ty or having an argument with Ty or whatever, and Lee? He’s too busy in his bachelor pad with Rob and Flob or whatever his face is. I need my baby girl back in my life”

“Your baby girl never left, and HEY! I do not dry hump Josh!” I exclaimed, although I felt my cheeks heat up a little.

“Whatever you say girlie, whatever you say. So I’ll bring the juice tonight, I want to make mojitos!”

I mentally groaned at my best friend; she would just never give up will she? It was Sunday, a day of relaxation and peace. The way I felt I was actually starting to regret ever inventing SNT’s.

“Fine, come round at 7” I moaned and hopped out of bed- okay ow ow ow! Should not have done that! Joints still feel disconnected from legs!

“Yay!” Carrie squealed with excitement, “I’ll see you tonight my biatch, bye!”

And with that she hung up.

“Well yeah bye to you too missy” I mumbled whilst trying to squint my morning vision back into focus.

Eugh! I want to go back to sleep! I want to go to sleep and stay asleep for a very long time. I mean why did my life have to be so complicated in the littlest of ways, seriously why me?!

There was a time in my life where everything was perfect, then my dad has to pass away, my dancing career –or what I wanted it to be- ended, my mom gets a new boyfriend who turns out to be my ex arch nemesis who is stunningly good looking as well as his older brother, both of which now live in my house, one of then IN MY BED!, one of my best friends is now my boyfriend who I rarely get to see and when I do it always seems to be disturbed in some bizarre way, and now THIS happens!

Why did that have to happen last night? Argh! I know it was only a kiss, but I feel so guilty! What about Matt?! What would he do if he ever found out about it? He would hate me I know it.

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