California Kisses *20

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I'm not going to ramble much because I've messaged all my fans as to why I haven't uploaded, but as promised here is your chapter on Tuesday!!!

Anyway here's chapter 20! It's really short I know, but as I said in that message... I have been working so much lately and now that all my assignments and work is out the way, I need sleep! Seriously I am so tired it's unreal. I promise I will upload another chapter ASAP, but it will probably have to wait until Friday night.

However, even though this is short, I know that there is something is here that you will like... trust me :)

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I leaned back in my seat comfortably and rested my head against Josh's shoulder. I munched on my popcorn as I glanced up at Josh's face smiling. As if he felt my gaze, he looked down at me with a huge smile which faltered as soon as he saw my expression, and then he looked at me warily as if he thought there was something wrong with me, though he didn't say anything. Oh there was nothing wrong with me. Though I knew what was going to happen to him. He was going to cry. I don't care what he thinks otherwise... but he is going to cry whether he likes it or not. He is going to melt like the marshmallow he his. Just bring it on big boy...


"Th-ha-a-at-t-t w-w-wa-ss s-ssoo free-e-eaking saddd!!!!!!!" he yelled between sobs.

I stifled another fit of giggles as I passed over ANOTHER kleenex before removing the dvd from the player.

Okay. So the plan was to make Josh cry. No matter what, he had to cry. I didn't even care if it resulted in me pinching him and have no relation to the movie whatsoever, all I knew was I was expecting him to cry. What I WASN'T expecting was for CHASE to cry!

My mom and Ryan had left the room to do god knows what upstairs (yeah I really don't want to think about it!) leaving Josh, Chase and I alone with the movie.

We had gotten to the part where John received his letter from Savannah saying that she was engaged to someone else when I heard sobs. I looked up at Josh with a triumphant smile on my face. HA! I knew he wouldn't last!

My smile quickly turned into a frown when I realised Josh was perfectly at ease still watching the movie. What? Well then where was the-

"Ss-sh-he-e-e c-c-cant d-d-do that!" a voice cried painfully.

I looked across the room and found Chase cuddled up against himself crying in the recliner. Oh my freaking god! Chase was crying! Chase! Chase was crying! And he looked so vulnerable.

As soon as Josh noticed this he burst out laughing. I mean serious uncontrollable laughter! The worst part about this was that I joined in too.

"Oh dude your such a pussy!" Josh laughed as he tried to clutch his sides to relieve the pain of laughing too much. "Seriously bro, what is wrong with you? That wasn't even sad! You need to strap on a pair!" he continued to laugh.

I couldn't help it, I cried with laughter as I clutched the side of the chair for support so I didn't fall off the chair.

Chase wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve before glaring at both of us.

"I- I- I'm ssorry Ch-hase!" I stuttered before laughing again and passing him a kleenex.

I don't know why it was so funny; I think it was because I just never expected Chase of all people to cry. I just wanted Josh to cry so bad that I had never thought about what Chase would do, or if he would cry or not.

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