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I woke up early next morning to the luxurious smell of sweet and sticky pancakes.

The heavenly aroma of warm golden syrup flooded my airwaves and my stomach rumbled in response. I hadn't eaten anything since yesterday's events and after puking up practically half my guts I was ravenous.

With a loud yawn I stretched my hands and accidently smacked something in the process. Or rather someone.

"Oh crap, sorry Chase I didn't see you there"

Chase was sitting at the edge of my bed rubbing his cheek.

Oh crap I just had to hit him on his face didn't i?

His oh so beautiful-

Oh hell no not this again. There was no way I was going to fall for that again. I like Matt. I am with Matt. I think I even might love Matt. I know I don't see much of him but I feel the closest too him. It's just because I'm spending too much time with Josh and Chase that I think I am having feelings for them. Yes that's it, just the proximity and my paranoid brain. I do not like Chase Dawson nor his brother or ANY of the Dawson's for that matter. Oh wait, eww not that I would like Liam or Ryan anyway but-

"Wow sleeping beauty, feisty much?" Chase chuckled as he continued to rub is cheek which was starting to slightly swell

"I'm so sorry Chase I didn't see you there. It's not like I expect you to be in my bed every morning!" I replied and instantly regretted it.

A slow smirk emerged on Chase's face and he had an amused glint in his eye.

"Why do you WANT to wake up with me in your bed every morning? Or wait, is that just my brothers job?" he chuckled

I blushed a deep shade of red before smacking him on the arm.

"Hey hey hey, not my body it's just too damn perfect!" he whined faking a hurt expression which caused me to laugh and how half hearted that sounded.

"Anyway, I had just come to wake you up to tell you I cooked pancakes so hurry that pretty butt of yours downstairs" he chimed before lightly smacking my ass and retreated towards the door.

I had barely gotten out a 'Hey!' before the door slammed shut.

My eyes were sore and heavy, and part of me was highly tempted to just go back to sleep. It was only until my stomach protested against that idea that I decided to get up.

I dragged my feet heavily against the floor as I went into the bathroom for a quick shower to wake me up. If I'd of had a bath I think I would be asleep right now.

I washed my hair in a coconut and macadamia shampoo and exfoliated my body in an apricot body scrub before shaving my legs and underarms. Screw those bastard wax strips! I brushed my teeth as I waited for the conditioner to moisten my roots.

After I finished, I dried myself off and headed to my closet. Since I had managed to scrape the day off school today, I decided to go for the 'lazy' look which consisted of baggy sweatpants and oversized t-shirt. I pulled my hair back into a messy bun and threw on some light mascara. I knew there was no need for make-up but who knew what could happen later? Not that I was expecting anything to happen of course!

I walked back over to my bed and reached under my pillow for my cell.

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