California Kisses *22

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Hey again... I think its time to upload for you right?

Anyway first things first...

Oh my god you guys how good is Spirit Bound?!

Seriously I read it in like 6 hours and I was completely hooked. I'm so sad that I've read it because I should have dragged it out a bit so it would last me a while because now I have to wait till winter for Last Sacrifice which is soooooo long!!! I can't believe all that anticipation I had over Spirit Bound and its over already :(

Also I now officially hate Richelle Mead! She has given me a total soft spot for Adrian since Dimitri isn't in Rose's life (as a boyfriend) anymore. At first I was kinda annoyed at him for being in the way of Rose and Dimitri... but now he's so adorable and I just wanna hug him and squeeze him.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Dimitri and my heart will always stay with him

But I know that he truly belongs with Rose and they HAVE to be together in the end and what happened at the end of the book CANNOT HAPPEN!!! (I don't really want to say a lot about it just in case some of you haven't read it yet) and if they are not together I will cry :(

But then if they are and Adrian is sad and lonely, I will steal him and love him instead... who's Rose? Hahahaha :')

Anyway whatever lol here's your next chapter.

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I should have known never to trust a word Josh says. And to think I was actually becoming excited about this 'long' drive, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

"So, let me get this straight, our 'great getaway' was literally a five minute drive to the park?" I groaned as Josh 'carefully' parked my baby underneath a sycamore, the branches conflicting against the windshield.

"Whoa watch the paintwork asshole! If this baby is damaged its going to be your ass that is paying for it" I cautioned him before shooting out of the car to check if any damage had been done. Fortunately for him there had not.

Josh got out of the car smirking and ran his forefinger down the bonnet of the car before carefully examining it and rubbing his fingertips together as if to prove his point.

"Relax cupcake, no damage done. Look, I didn't even manage to get any dust particles on it" he said proudly before shoving his finger in my face to show me his 'clean' finger.

"Eww Josh gross, I don't even know where that has been!" I grimaced as he wiped his finger down my cheek.

Josh chuckled and locked the car, disposing of the key in his back pocket. Who on earth said he got to keep that?

"For your information cupcake that finger was probably cleaner than your cheek itself. Now come on, take that pretty little ass of yours over there!" he said excitedly indicating to the children's play area next to the pond in the centre of the park.

"But what about the car? What if someone tries to steal it? And what insane person parks in the center of the park anyway?! Ever heard of a parking lot? I swear Josh if I get done for this I'm blaming it all on you" I yelled as he ran towards the swings like a child.

So damn immature.

"You seriously need to relax cupcake, your going to get prematurely gray if you stress so much" he shouted back, chuckling in response.

Huh. He was right. I have been stressing a lot lately, I guess I could have fun for a while...

Wait, what was with these mood swings? Ugh... damn you Mother Nature, just go away already and come back next month!

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