Chapter 20-1

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Thanku for all the love you showered on last chapter.. really means a lot to me.. :-) :-)

Many of you were scared that now manik will give more importance to his parents and will forget nandini so it's answer is in this update only.. :-)

Sorry.. was really busy with personal stuff.. so got late.. Sorry.. And yes updates will be slow.. I am badly stuck with some personal matters.. Please bear with it.. Sorry once again.. Though I am late so as a compensation I am giving a long update approx. 4800 words. Hope you will like the update..


(Manik and Nandini were cuddling each other on bed.. especially manik was snuggling in nandini's neck and nandini was ruffling his hairs. After sometime, manik looked towards nandini still lying on her and nandini asked him.)

N: Kya huya hai mani? Kuch kehna hai tumhe? (Manik smiled with tears in his eyes and spoke.)

M: Thanku so much angel.. Jo tumne aj mere liye kiya na.. it means alot to me.. Mujhe nhi pata ki main unhe kab puri tarah se maaf karunga but just the hope that I can get my family back is giving me happiness.. Thanku so so much.. (Nandini smiled and spoke.)

N: Mani.. you don't have to thank me.. I know tumhe time lagega unhe puri tarah se maaf karne mein aur unhe apnane mein.. but it's okay.. U deserve that time.. Bas take small-small steps.. baki sab apne ap thk ho jayega..

M: But I need you always beside me..

N: Main tumhe chodkar kahan jayungi mani.. I am always there beside you.. (Both smiled and manik again started snuggling in nandini's neck. Then nandini thought to ease the atmosphere and make manik smile. So, she spoke)

N: Vaise ek secret batayun? (Manik spoke still snuggling in her.)

M: Hmm.. Bolo..

N: Maine jo ye sab kiya na uss mein mera hi ek fayda hai.. isliye maine ye sb kiya.. I was being selfish.. (Manik immediately came out of her neck and spoke confidently.)

M: You and that too selfish? It can never be possible... Meri angel sirf selfless hona janti hai.. selfish kya hota hai uska toh meri angel ko meaning bhi nhi pata.. (Nandini smiled listening to him but immediately spoke.)

N: Arey.. par iss mein sach mein mera fayda tha.. (Manik understood that she is trying to make him smile and spoke playing along with nandini.)

M: Acha.. kya fayda tha apka?

N: Dekho.. iss sab ke baad you are happy right?

M: Hmm..

N: Toh bas.. agar tum happy toh main bhi happy.. Tumhare chehre pe ye jo khushi hai.. tumhari aankhon mein ye jo peace hai.. uss se mujhe sukoon milta hai.. aur maine ye sab apne sukoon ke liye kiya.. Toh huyi na main selfish? (Manik smiled widely listening her words and spoke.)

M: Bhut.. bhut selfish.. (Both chuckled and had happy tears in their eyes.. In nandini's eyes to see manik the happiest and in manik's eyes to see nandini loving him so much that his happiness means the reason of her happiness to her..)

(Both were laying in each other's arms and soaking in each other's warmth when nandini spoke.)

(Okay.. so, next 2 updates.. there will be some cute scenes where manik will behave like a baby and nandini will pamper him. Hey dear @SilentReaderLove I tried to fulfill your wish of nandini pampering manik the way I can.. I hope you will like the moments.)

N: Acha chalo.. ab bhut baatein ho gayi.. ab so jao.. (But our manik is in full on baby mood. So, he spoke making a cute pout.) (Manik never lived his childhood, now all that is okay.. he is having hope to get his family back and nandini being there to give him his childhood and bear his tantrums happily.. he is all ready to be in baby mood with her and behave like a baby with her and only her.)

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