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Hello guys....

As you all know, in these days, i was reading stories and i came across some very beautiful stories on Manan on india forums.

1. Life With Nandini

2. If It's Not Forever, It's Not Love

3. Best Friends Forever

4. Just Married

5. Love Is My Life

6. Love Is MaNan

7. Life Partner By Destiny

8. Irrevocably In Love With You

These are beautiful stories and i loved them alot. Some of these are on wattpad and some are not. And i wanted to publish them here on wattpad. Though, i haven't taken the permission from the real writers of these stories. I have tried alot but wasn't able to contact them. Though, i know i will be breaching their copyright but believe me the whole credit will be given to them only. I just wanted to give those stories a wide reach through wattpad and appreciate the work of the real writers. I am saying sorry in advance if anyone felt that i am doing wrong but believe me the whole credit will be duly given to the writers. 

I am going to publish 4 Stories on my page.

1. Best Friends Forever

2. Love Is MaNan

3. If It's Not Forever, Its Not Love

4. Irrevocably In Love With You

All other stories were already on wattpad. 

Now, i want your help on giving me suitable cover for these stories. So, PM me till tomorrow. 

And yes, these 4 stories will be deleted if any writer objects to it. Once again, i am sorry....

And about my own story, then, the update is coming soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, actually i was loving reading so much that i didn't get anytime to write. But, i will definitely update by the end of this week.

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