Chapter 9-1

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The night has just started...


Cabir reached manik house early as it is the record of manik to never reach any party at time even if the party is at his house only. Even if he is the host, then, also fab 4 used to come early and even after constant shouts of alia, jumping of cabir and mukti on his back, then also, he used to wake up after 1 hour, so, cabir came early to wake him up but when he entered the house, he got surprised because is not only waken up but also is really indulged in the preparations of the party, he is checking each and everything personally that whether everything is okay or not ranging from food, drinks to other arrangements, basically, he is supervising each and everything personally. Infact, all the servants are surprised to see manik's this avatar and above all, manik has a constant smile playing on his lips while supervising all the work, infact, he is not only supervising the work, he is also helping in arranging the dining table and other stuff. (Cabir rubbed his eyes to make himself believe that he is not dreaming.)

C: Manik, m koi sapna toh nhi dekh raha na? (Manik listening cabir turned towards him.)

M: Huh? Ye kya bol raha h tu?

C: Teri tabiyat toh thk h na, kahin tu bimar toh nhi? (Cabir checked his forehead.) Nhi, tu bimar toh nhi lag raha. Kahin tujhe kahin dimag mein koi chot nhi lag gayi? Tu kahin gira tha kya?

M: Kya bol rha h cabit tu? Pagal ho gaya h kya?

C: Pagal m nhi, pagal tu ho gaya?

M: Huh?

C: The manik malhotra kisi party ke liye khud ready ho gaye hain, unhe uthane ke liye mujhe unke room mein nhi jana pada? Aur toh aur janab, help bhi kar rahe hain arrangement mein? Toh pagal hi hua na tu?

M: Oye, apna drama band kar. Aisa kuch nhi h, m toh bas aise hi? (Manik murmured under his breath: ab isse kya bolun ki m nandini ko milne ke liye itna restless tha ki mujhe neend hi nhi aayi, m bas jaldi se jaldi usse milna chahta tha aur m khus sab kuch supervise karna chahta tha ki kahin koi galti na ho jaye. Aj bahut special day h aur nandini pehli baar aj mere ghar aa rahi h.) 

(Cabir wanted to reply but then, dhruv and harshad came there and they exchanged hugs aand manik thanked them in mind for saving him from CID cabir.) (Cabir is further going to ask manik but he changed the topic.)

C: Manik, haan m kya bol raha tha?

M: Cabir, vo chod. Ye bata, mukti aur baki girls kahan reh gayi? (He was desperate to know about nandini.)

C: Haan, vo mukti, doll aur navya ko pick up karne gayi h, teenon saath mein hi ayengi. Bas thodi der mein aati hi hongi. 

M: Oh, accha. (Then guys sit on the sofa and started talking with each other to spend the time till girls come.)

(On the other hand, mukti and navya reached nandini home and they spend some time with chachi and rishabh and mukti is very happy to get motherly love from chachi , then, they bid bye to chachi and made way towards malhotra mansion. Here, manik was going restless to see nandini. Harshad and cabir saw this and smiled. Cabir was going to tease manik but then only, girls reached there and by seeing nandini, a wide smile came on manik's lips and same is the case with nandini.)

(Manik and nandini were in an eye-lock and same with cabir-navya and harshad-mukti. Dhruv moved forward and hugged nandini which broke manan eye-lock and it also made manik jealous and nandini saw the jealousy in his eyes and was surprised to see him being jealous of his friend only but realising the possessiveness increasing in manik towards her, she immediately broke the hug. She went to cabir and hugged him dearly and said hi to harshad and all others also exchanged greetings. Manik and nadnini wanted to hug each other but sensing everyone's presence, they hold themselves back, they just exchanged greetings with a beautiful smile. Then, all went and sat on sofa. Manik and cabir went to bring drinks for everyone.)

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