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Chapter 8-1

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Hi guys. Thanku so much for such a good response. I never imagined it when i started writing the story. Now, rakhi is busy with her exams and is stuck with there and i am free for some days. So, decided to write and give you updates. I doesn't know how it will come out. I am writing after a lot of time, so, doesn't know whether you will like it or not. But still, hoping for all your love and support. Thanku once agin guys. 

A new day.. a new morning.. a new happiness.. for all 

All were happy. 

Manik wakes up with a beautiful smile on his face after seeing a dream of nandini. He is very happy that finally he realises his true love but somewhere afraid to accept it thinking about his friends. But later think to cherish the moments in hand and again smiled by thinking of nandini and their last night dance. :-). With these thoughts, he went to freshen up.

Nandini also wakes up with a beautiful smile on her lips by thinking about manik and also because she has a plan in her mind to make harshad and mukti together. She called Navya and discussed her plan with her. First she was confused that why she wanted to do all that but she told her some bit of information that she wanted to reduce the differences between fab5 and harshad. She didn't told about mukti to navya as it is their little secret. navya was happy that she wanted to do so much for fab 5 but she was scared for her too as the plan was dangerous but nandini assures her and after a lot of convincing, navya agrees for it. She thanked navya and hang up the call and got up to freshen up.

All got freshen up and headed towards college. Nandini messaged fab 5 that she has a lecture to attend, so, she will meet after the lecture. Actually she wanted to execute her plan and for that she has to keep fab5 away from her because if they see her with harshad, they will doubt and will not leave her alone. So, she made this excuse. After reading the message, manik got sad because he wanted to see nandini. cabir also noted his restlessness. So, to ease it, he asked all of them to jam for sometime. Having no other choice and also to pass time, manik agrees and they all went to their jam room.


Nandini went to search harshad and spotted him near the canteen. She went to talk to him.

(Nandini in mind: Please aiyappa! mere saath rehna.)

N: Hi Harshad. How are you?

H: Hey Nandini, Hi. I am good. Tum kaisi ho?

N: I am also fine. Vo harshad, 2 minute ke liye tumhara phone milega please. Actually mujhe ek call karna h and mere phone ki battery khatam ho gayi h.

H: Ya ya ofcourse nandini, ye lo. 

(Nandini takes the phone and started running. First, harshad was shocked that why she is running and then she ran after her to get his phone back. While running, nandini came to roof top of college. Harshad tried to catch nandini and in this process her foot slipped and she fall from the roof top on the terrace. Harshad run from there to the terrace and found nandini drenched in blood. He got scared to death.)

(Actually, nandini fall on the net. With the help of navya, she removed the net and spread blood there and over her also and lied there like a lifeless body and asked navya to hide before harshad come there.)

(Harshad was standing like a statue there. he doesn't know what to do. He came out of the shock and was going towards nandini, then suddenly, navya comes there and shouted seeing nandini. She came at that time so as to stop harshad touching nandini because if he came close to her and felt her pulse or breath, then, their whole plan will end.)

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