Chapter 13-1

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(Nandini woke up by 6:30 a.m. and immediately woke up navya and made her go by 7:00 a.m. Then, they started doing preparations for the puja and nandini went to washroom to get ready. She came and chachi saw her and she got to know that she had cried a lot in the washroom by seeing her red puffy eyes.) (Amms have arranged a puja in the mangalore, so she hasn't come to mumbai.) 

(Nandini and Rishabh sat to do the puja and Manik also came with the gang and Navya. Nandini couldn't saw them as they were standing behind her. They came inside and manik sat behind nandini. All the while, nandini was trying to control her tears and manik sensed it as he was sitting just behind nandini. After an hour, puja got over and they all stand up. Panditji gave nandini a kalash full of rice to pour in front of her amma-appa's photo frame. (Rishabh was younger than nandini, so all the vidhi has to be done by nandini only.) (Okay, i know guys, that this doesn't happen in real life as all vidhi is done by son only, but because it's required in the story, so, i am showing nandini doing all this. If i go against anybody and hurt anyone's sentiments, then, i am really sorry.) 

(Panditji asked nandini to pour the rice, rishabh got aside to give nandini space. Nandini was going to pour rice but kalash slipped from her hands and was going to fall but manik as he was standing just behind her hold the kalash. Nandini got relief that it doesn't fell down but in this manik's hand touched nandini's hand and she became confused and worried too that is he really manik as she can feel manik's touch and confirming her doubts, manik came in front of nandini holding the kalash. They both stood straight facing each other. Nandini saw manik and the tears which she were trying to hide from so long started falling from her eyes and manik's eyes immediately became moist seeing nandini's tears. Nandini turned her face towards others and saw everyone standing there with tears in their eyes. Her stream of tears started flowing widely. She again looked towards manik and manik nodded his head in a yes as if indicating her that he is there for her and as nandini understood it, she immediately hugged manik and bursted out in tears. Manik also started crying. He wrapped his one hand around her shoulder and his other hand holding the kalash was wrapped around her waist. Nandini has holded his kurta from the back in her tight grip and was crying immensely. Manik has closed his eyes and was pecking her head and hair time to time assuring nandini that he is there with her.)

(Looking nandini like this, rishabh also started crying and mukti and cabir immediately rushed towards him and hugged him from sides. They both were crying too. Chacha-chachi and navya was also crying seeing nandini in so much pain.) (After few minutes, panditji spoke.)

PANDITJI: Beta, puja? (All looked towards him except nandini. Mnaik opened his eyes and looked towards him and nodded his head. Manik caressing nandini's hair started speaking.)

M: Nandini? (Nandini hugged him more tightly.)

M: Nandini, meri taraf dekho.. (She nodded her head in no in his embrace only.) Please Nandini... (She snuggled in him more.)

M: Dekho.. hamein amma-appa ki puja ki aakhiri vidhi puri karni hai na? Please... (Nandini slowly took her face out of his embrace but was still holding him with her hands around him and his one hand around her shoulder. As nandini looked in his eyes, manik saw helplessness in her eyes and he nodded his head as if telling him that he is there and nandini somewhere got strength. She looked at the kalash in manik's hand and again looked at manik, he gestured her to take it. Nandini holded it with her one hand and with other hand, she was still holding manik and manik was also side-hugging her. Then, with one hand, they both holded the kalash and turn towards the photo-frame and both started pouring the rice together in front of the photo frame.) (Panditji was going to stop manik to do the vidhi as he is not related to them but chachi stopped him to say anything.) 

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