Chapter 17-1

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Okay.. I am not back yet.. but I was free for 2 days.. so thought to write and give update as my next exam is on 26th. So here you go..

And yes.. kyy season 3.. damn.. I heard a lot about it and even read on twitter.. saw pics too.. I am much eager to watch it as soon as my exams got over.. and even heard that season 3 brought a new change in parth and niti.. they are good friends now.. I'll pray that their bond grows stronger and may be one day.. we might get PaNi together..

I am sure all have loved the season 3.. though it was short and ended before even we can get somewhat satisfied.. but still I think it gives enough memories to everyone to cherish till PaNi decide to grace our screen again and that too together..

And how can I forget the tribute of PaNi and Palash to their fans..  I loved that to the core and really thankful to them for their love towards their fans.. no.. no... fans nhi.. friends.. hehe.. hope you all loved it too...

So.. now let's go for update..



After lunch.. they all were sitting and chatting.. after sometime cabir spoke getting bored sitting idle.

C: Ab kya karein yr? Yahin baithe rehna hai kya? (Mukti spoke excitedly.)

MU: I have an idea.. (Nandini being a curious soul asked excitedly.)

N: Kya kya.. jaldi batao? (Mukti got up and spoke.)

MU: Chal Chotti uth.. hum shopping par chalte hain.. ( All liked the idea.)

M: Haan.. that's a great idea.. chalo... utho sab.. (Mukti asked sarcastically.)

MU: Oh hello.. kahan chale ap? (Manik frowned and spoke.)

M: Shopping par.. (Mukti and her sarcastic comments.)

MU: Sorry to burst your bubble.. but my dear friend, only girls are going for shopping.. (Boys become shocked listening to it.)

M: What?

C: Toh hum sab kya karenge? (Mukti shrugged and answered.)

MU: That you know.. (Now.. it's manik turn to be sarcastic.)

M: And who told you that we are not going..

MU: I decided that.. (Manik first spoke sarcastically and then sternly.)

M: Sorry to burst your bubble too but my dearest friend you girls are not going alone on shopping as I will not let angel go alone anywhere.. (Mukti cribbed and spoke.)

MU: Manik.. vo akeli thodi hogi.. main aur navya hain na uske saath.. (Manik spoke firmly.)

M: No means no.. pichli raat usse tum dono ke saath chod kar dekh chuka hoon main.. (Mukti spoke stubbornly.)

MU: Manik.. it's decided we girls are going on shopping and that too without you boys.. (Manik spoke in a frustrated tone.)

M: Arey yr.. main kahan shopping ke liya mana kar raha hoon.. Main toh khud tumhe le kar chal raha hoon na shopping par fir kya problem hai..

MU: Manik.. girls time naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai.. So, u guys enjoy your boys time and let us spend our girl's time..

M: Mujhe koyi boys time spend nhi karna hai.. so, you girls are not going alone.. (Cabir spoke seeing no one is going to put back.)

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