Chapter 6-2

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Nandini went to attend her class. Navya was not present there. She messaged Nandini that she will come in the next lecture as she has some work.


Nandini was moving from the corridors, when she saw cabir at the corner having someone's pic in his hand and with some tears in his eyes. She moved near him and called him.

N: Cabir?

( Because nandini called him suddenly. he turns immediately  towards her and photo slipped from his hand and fall down. Nandini picked it up. It was a pic of a little boy of approx. 2 years who was playing with his dad while sitting on his lap. When nandini saw the pic, a beautiful smile appeared on her face.)

N: Cabir, is that you?

(Cabir wiped his tears and took the photo from nandini and answered her while looking at the photo smilingly and with some pain in his eyes.)

C: Yes, me with my dad.

N: Aww.. you both look too cute together. He loves you alot. 

(Cabir smiled sarcastically after hearing it.)

C: Ya, he loved me alot ( and a tear fall from his eyes. But he quickly wiped it, but nandini nocided it.)

N: Cabir, chalo mere sath. 

C: Kahan?

N: Arey, chalo toh. 

(with this nandini drag cabir towards the staircase, where normally no one comes and made him sit there and give him some water to drink.)


N: Are you okay?

C: Ya, i am fine. vaise tum itni casually mujhse baat kar rahi ho, tumhe darr nhi lagra raha? After all i am cabir dhawan, member of the Fab 5.

N: (Hearing this, nandini smiled.) M is waqt cabir dhawan jo the fab 5 ka member h usse baat nhi kar rahi, m sirf cabir se baat kar rahi hoon jisne apne is chehre ke piche bhut dard chupa rakha h. Maine bhut baar dekha h ki tum hamesha apne group mein hassi ka mahaul banaye rakhte ho, par in sab ke piche ek cabir vo h jisne apne dil mein ek dard chupaya hua h.

(Cabir was shocked and surprised after hearing this. He really doesn't know what to say.)

C: Nhi, aisa kuch nhi h. ( cabir said this by not meeting nandini's eyes and nandini smiled faintly after seeing this.)

N: Haan, jo cabir kisise nhi darta , aj vo meri aakhon mein dekh kar baat bhi nhi kar pa raha? cabir you can share it with me.

C: Nhi nandini, sach mein aisa nhi h. ( His eyes hold a lot of pain which didn't go unnoticed by nandini.)

N: Cabir, let it all out. i am a stranger for you. i will not judge you and believe me i will not use your any information. i just want to help you .you can trust me. Apne andar itna pain mat rakho cabir ki kal ko tumhare liye saans lena bhi mushkil ho jaye. Tum rona chahte ho, toh ro lo. Apni hansi ke peeche, apne aansu mat chupayo, taklif tumhe hi hogi.

(By listening all this, first cabir was surprised and then, unknowingly, his tears started to flow and he couldn't hold more and hug nandini, she also hug him back.)

N: Shh.. cabir.. bas chup ho jao. please.

(When cabir relaxed, he started telling her everything.)

C: Nandini thak gaya hoon m.. strong bante bante.. mujhe bhi dard hota h. u know m sirf 10 saal ka tha jab mujhe pata chala ki mere dad, mere khud ke dad mujhse nafrat karte hain. (Nandini was shocked after listening this and cabir understood her reaction.) Shocked ho na ki ek baap apne khud ke bete se nafrat kaise kar sakta h? m 3 saal ka tha jab mujhe kuch goons ne paison ke liye kidnap kar liya aur mujhe bachane mein, mere bade bhai ki death ho gayi aur dad uske liye mujhe responsible samajhte hain. isliye vo mujhse nafrat karte hain ki meri vajah se unhone apna bada beta kho dia. Sach kahun, ab toh m bhi yahi sochta hoon ki i am responsible for his death. Maine ye sab Fab 5 ko bhi nahi bataya, isliye pain aur bhi zyada h. m kisi se apna dard baant bhi nhi sakta, m toot chuka hoon nandini, m toot chuka hoon. (and with this he started crying and nandini was shocked ki cabir has suffered to this much.)

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