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Chapter 6-4

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They all enjoyed alot in the canteen, talk to their fullest, share their memories , exchanged their numbers and call off the day. 

But cabir messaged navya to stay back as he wanted to talk something and navya agreed and both gave an excuse to others and stayed back. Then others left, towards their home and navya and cabir went towards the music wing.


NA: Haan, cabir bolo, tumne hamein kyun roka?

C: Vo.. i wanted to talk to you about manik and nandini. (Firstly, navya became shocked that why he asked about them but then she asked him what he is talking about?)

NA: Manik and nandini? unke bare mein kya?

C: I know navya you also felt something about them. (she was surprised that how cabir knows it.)

NA: U are right cabir. Manik ka toh hum acche se nhi keh sakte par haan, nandini ki aakhon mein maine uske liye pyaar dekha, par uski aakhon mein ek dard bhi h jo usse manik ke paas jane se, usse pyaar karne se rok raha h.

C: Tum sahi ho navya. Actually manik loves alia and nandini knows about it. so, she is stopping herself from going close to manik. (She was shocked to hear it.)

NA: Alia? Humnein usse pehle nhi dekha aur na hi suna h uske bare mein.

C: Voh.. she is the 5th member of Fab 5. 

NA: Ohh.. toh fir tum manik aur nandini ke bare mein kyun baat kar rahe ho jab manik kisi aur se pyaar karta h? I think shayad nandini ko ye baat pata h, isilye vo sad h. But don't worry, trust me, nandini kabhi un dono ke beech nhi ayegi. Uske liye uski khushi se pehle doosron ki khushi h. 

C: I know navya. nandini is an angel, vo kabhi apni khushi ke liye kisi aur ko hurt nhi karegi, chahe isme vo khud kitni hi hurt kyun na ho jaye. maine nandini jaisi ladki pehle kabhi nhi dekhi. hum strangers the uske liye, infact we bullied her, par fir bhi usne hamein apnaya aur shikayat bhi nhi ki. usne hamein hamari khushi vapis lauta di. (cabir has happy tears in his eyes while saying it.)

NA: Haan, nandini sach mein bhut achi h. she has a pure heart and soul. i just hope ki vo manik ko bhul paye.

C: Nhi navya, hamein un dono ko milana h aur mujhe tumhari help chahiye isme.

NA: Ye tum kya keh rahe ho, abhi abhi tumne kaha ki manik kisi aur se pyaar karta h, toh fir?

C: Actually, alia is dead. (Navya was shocked to the core.)

NA: Ye tum kya bole ja rahe ho, hamari kuch samajh mein nhi aa raha h..?

C: We all were friends for 2 years and then, became best friends. aur is beech, manik aur alia started having feelings for each other and then, they confessed. They were very happy together, they used to spend alot of time together , but after one month of their confession, we were on a holiday in srinagar and their alia tripped and fall off the cliff. Till today,even after 3 years of that accident, manik holds himself responsible for that accident. Since, police and search team was not able to find alia's body, thus, manik believes that alia is still alive and he is waiting for her.

NA: (By listening all this, navya has tears in her eyes.). ye toh bhut bura hua par manik sach mein alia se bhut pyaar karta h, jo aj bhi uska wait kar raha h. par fir tum nandini aur manik ko kyun milana chahte ho?

C: Manik is waqt bhut pain mein h, uska pain hum sabse bhut zada h. vo dikhata nhi h, par bhut hurt h aur sirf nandini hi usse thk kar sakti h. jis tarah se usne mukti aur mera pain dur kar dia, mujhe pura vishwas h ki vo manik ko bhi uski real happiness de degi.

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