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Chapter 15-4

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I am really really sorry... I know.. I know.. i am very late.. I guess i have been updating almost after 25 days.. Last i have updated on my birthday and now today.. I am sorry for keeping you guys waiting.. And now even if i am updating but that too a small update.. Sorry guys.. but i was able to manage this much only.. As you are well aware that GST has really taken a toll on us.. and being an accountant.. it's somewhere difficult to cope up with it as the amount of work has increased due to filing of continuous 4 returns in a month..Really Really sorry...

Heartiest Congratulations guys...

Today we have completed an year of our togetherness.. Last year on this day.. i started writing this story.. It was just a random concept and love for manan made me write the story.. I was a fresher in writing.. i didn't knew how well it will go.. whether you will love it or not.. whether i'll be able to portray what i want or not.. whether you guys will accept me or not.. but you guys are amazing and awesome.. This whole journey was so so beautiful and it's all credit goes to you.. You made it beautiful.. i made many friends here... I received a lot of love and appreciation.. Thanku so much to each one of you.. Thanku to those who are with me from the starting.. Thanku to those who became a part of this journey in the middle.. thanku to each one of you.. This journey is beautiful because you made it beautiful... Thanku for loving each update and appreciating it and suggesting me wherever i lack in something.. Thanks a ton guys.. :-) :-0

As i have always said that this story is "OUR"... each one of you is a part of it.. So, Heartiest Congratulations to everyone.. 


(Though manik tried to hide his ache from nandini, but nandini knew that manik was not okay after eating the spicy gol-gappa.. and how nandini can see her manik in that state.. So, not letting him know.. she goes for the remedy.... All were eating gol-gappas but nandini stopped manik in between and spoke.)

N: Mani, bas-bas ho gaya ab. Ab mujhe kuch aur khana hai.. chalo mere saath.. (Manik became confused by her sudden change in mood.)

M: Arey, par angel, achanak kya huya?

N: Kuch nhi.. Mujhe gol-gappe aur nhi khana.. Chalo.. (By holding his hands, she brought him in front of a vendor and spoke pointing to the stall making manik shocked.)

N: Mujhe ye khana hai..

M: What?

N: Yes..

M: No angel..Gol-gappe ke upar ice-cream.. no way.. (Nandini made a cute pout and spoke.)

N: Mani please.. (Manik spoke all concerned.)

M: Nhi angel.. tumhara gala kharab ho jayega..

N: Mani kuch nhi hoga mujhe.. Tumhe nhi pata gol-gappe khane ke baad ice-cream khane ka maza hi kuch aur hai..

M: But princess.. tumhara gala?

N: Sachi.. kuch nhi hoga.. Main aage bhi khati hoon..

M: Are you sure?

N: Very sure..

M: Thk hai.. Chalo fir... (Nandini smiled happily...)

N: Yayyy..

M: Batao, kaunsi ice-cream logi? (Nandini said after licking her lips making manik chuckle.)

N: Cornetto..

M: Bhaiya ek cornetto dena..

C: Oye ek kyun? Hum bhi hain yahan... mujhe bhi chahiye..

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