Chapter 17-7

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Today is my birthday.. hey.. hey..

Okay.. so as birthday gift.. here is your update..

First of all.. A very warm and special thanku to all my amazing and awesome readers.. Thans a ton guys for always being there... Thanku so much.. 

Secondly.. here are the various wishes of my readers which they want me to incorporate.. So.. here you go..

PanktiMaru - Your wish was that nandini steals cabir good and fight on that- I didn't get any idea for that so i showed nandini fighting and ordering cabir for teddy bear in chapter 17-3. Hope you liked it.

PanktiMaru- Your another wish was that nandu fights with mukti and navya for a dress- I have shown that in chapter 17-2 though not directly but indirectly but to compensate it i have shown nandini fighting with them for chocolates in chapter 17-2. Hope you like it.

FidaArora- You wanted that nandini wish to have late night ice-cream with manik. I have shown it in chapter 17-6 but not only with manik but also with others. Hope you like that part.

FidaArora- You wanted nandini to have shopping with mukti and navya and there she demand of chocolate and teddy-bear from mukti. I have shown it with slight change that is chocolates from mutki and teddy bears from cabir in chapter 17-2 and 17-3 respectively. Hope you like it.

FidaArora- Your other wish was that nandini should have bak-bak with everyone. There are many instances of that in the whole shopping part where they fight with them or order them or talk with them regarding anything or everything. 

ItsMeLuv- You wanted me to add song zehnaseeb in the story. I have added it in this chapter 17-7. Hope i justified with the situation and the song and you like it and i put up to your expectations.

Thanku to all of you for taking out your precious time and reading and loving my story.. Thanku..

So.. here goes the update....



(After dinner and ice-cream.. as the weather was good... they decided to sit in the park outside the hotel for sometime. Nandini and Manik were sitting beside each other. They were sitting when mukti asked manik to sing something. Manik was going to deny but before that nandini also asked him to sing and how can manik deny his princess's wish. So, he smiled and agreed and then started singing the song looking at nandini.)

Zehnaseeb Zehanaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..
Mere Kareeb, Mere Habee
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zehanasib..

Tere Sang Beete Her Lamhe Pe Humko Naaz Hai
Tere Sang Jo Na Beete Uspe Aitraaz Hai..
Is Kadar Hum Dono Ka Bandhna Ek Raaz Hai..

Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnasib..
Zehnasib Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..

Lena Dena Nahi Duniya Se Mera
Bas Tujhse Mujhe Kaam Hai
Teri Ankhiyon Ki Shahar Mein
Yaara Sab Intazaam Hai..

Khushiyon Ka Ek Tukda Mile
Ya Mile Ghum Ki Khud Chale
Yaara Tere Mere Kharche Mein
Donon Ka Hi Ek Daam Hai..

Hona Likha Tha Yoon Hi Jo Hua
Ya Hote Hote Abhi Anjaane Mein Ho Gaya..
Jo Bhi Hua, Hua Ajeeb..
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zehnasib..
Zehanaseeb Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..

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