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The Vicious Empress (Unedited) by rainalori
The Vicious Empress (Unedited)by Raina Lori
The King Of Samrat was once saved by a woman whose identity was unknown except her deep green eyes. But after a night, that woman disappeared like never existed making t...
Manan - Chance Connection by shining_polestar
Manan - Chance Connectionby shining_polestar
Manik is a very rich and handsome young man, and he dislikes girls. Nandini is a kind-hearted young girl, and she prefers to stay away from rich people. ...
Secret love (Completed) by manumystery
Secret love (Completed)by manumystery
a secret love story
KUTUMB (Family) by AarviDubey
KUTUMB (Family)by A Learning Pen
A which consist love, care concern of a family, Ofc Drama... A manan Story, a simple try watch Manik and his mothers relation in different frame I don't know... How much...
MaNan ff: Hallway Love by writer_mkk
MaNan ff: Hallway Loveby writer_mkk
Everyone has a school crush!! But everyone's story is a little different than others. Some confess and start living their life together and face realities and hardship...
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Completed] by monalee_09
Manan: Will Love Happen [ M
This is my second Manan story... jump in to the bumpy ride to see if love actually happens or not...
Manan - Contract or Covenant by shining_polestar
Manan - Contract or Covenantby shining_polestar
Nandini is the only granddaughter of a wealthy businessman. Her heart is weak and the doctors have given up on her. She has lost interest in life and is waiting for her...
NAAM (Book 1, PARIWAR series) by SwatiSandeep
NAAM (Book 1, PARIWAR series)by SwatiSandeep
He was nothing more than a promise given to their father on the death bed... A promise that complicated their life..... a promise that saved his life...... A promise tha...
Manan ~ All I Need is You by _its_unicorn_
Manan ~ All I Need is Youby Unicorn 🦄
Hey Peepz, its Akanksha here. I was always a silent reader of Manan fan fictions and for the first time I thought to pen down my imagination. So do give this book a try...
MANAN beyond life by creativeB6
MANAN beyond lifeby creativeB6
the story starts 3 years after talent hunt. Manik Malhotra whose life revolves around his princess. An accident that changed his life. From a cool, arrogant, young boy t...
Tears Of The Wild ✔ by Parthian555
Tears Of The Wild ✔by Bushra
Nandini Murthy who got married to the rich and handsome man Manik Malhotra, but will him and his family accept her? As she belonging to a middle class family? Cover - @...
Manan-connection by 3amthoughts12
Manan-connectionby 3amthoughts12
this is going to be a stroy of Manan wherein the roles of Nandini and alya will be exchanged. peep in to read more
MaNan ff: I FELL FOR MY PROFESSOR (Complete) by cute--girly
MaNan ff: I FELL FOR MY Alina Fatima
Manik The teacher and Nandini fallen for him. What will be the consequences? What about Manik's feelings? How will they end up
Family and Friends LOVE  by aardhyaverma
Family and Friends LOVE by Aardhya
"Family and Friends LOVE " Treat family like friends and Friends like family. Now let see what is different in both family and friends.
Family love (Completed) by manumystery
Family love (Completed)by manumystery
story of four brothers and their lovely sister ....their family ....affection.....
Giving life a second chance is very difficult that to when destiny had given a great downfall join me in the journey of Manik and Nandini in their way to give life a sec...
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His Lifelines ( SEASON 2) {{ ON HOLD }} by shine_writes_
His Lifelines ( SEASON 2) {{ ON writessss_
A Baby Girl ! A boy ! A Girl ! And Their Not So Simple Love Story ! ~~ Not all love stories are easy !
Always With You (Completed)  by Jassworld
Always With You (Completed) by Jass 💙💙💙💙
The story about a 19 year old girl Nandini and her fiancé Manik who had just joined college and are in different courses. They both are admired by all and are the crush...