Chapter 4

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After the store room incident, nandini went to her home. Its evening by now. She doesnt want to talk to anybody because she doesn't want anyone to know that she cried alot, so, she meet chachi and told her that she is going to sleep as she is having a bad headache. but chachi ask her to drink milk first and take medicine. So, she drink it and then went to her room.


N: Why aiyappa, why? What i have done wrong to them that they did such thing with me? I know because of me on first day, Manik's shirt got spoiled but i didn't do it intentionally and even i said sorry to him. Then , Mukti, i shouted at her because she was wrong that day. i toh just helped Navya na. Then why? (She was crying alot.)

(Then she started thinking about manik)

But there is something in manik's eyes, some pain. may be he is doing all this to hide his pain. Infact, when he saved me today from store room, i saw concern in his eyes. he was worried for me . And when i hug him, i felt peace at that moment. he calmed me down. When he told me that he locked me there, there was guilt in his eyes. Is there really something hidden in his eyes? does he is really concerned for me?

I think i should sleep now. i can get my answers tomorrow only.

(After lot of crying, thinking and tossing on the bed, she finally went to sleep)


(On the other side, Fab 5 call off the day and went to their respective houses.)

M:  What is happening with me? why i was so concerned and worried for her? We had bullied earlier also, but i didnt pay any heed to anyone but why now? Why i am so attracted towards nandini? Why her cries pierced my heart? Why i felt that my world crash down when i saw her faint? Why i always got lost in his eyes? Why i am so attracted towards her? Why i felt relieved when she hug me? Why i felt complete in that hug? Why i felt peace in her arms ? Why i didn't like when i saw anger in her eyes for me? Why? Why?

(manik broke all the things in his room because of frustration because there are many questions, but no answer to a single question.)

No, its wrong to think about her. I love alia. I can't cheat her. But today i felt peace after a very long time like i used to felt with alia or may be even more than that. What is all this? No, i can't think about nandini. No, its wrong.

(With this, he went to his bed and started playing his guitar because music always give peace to him. after getting some peace and after thinking some of alia and more of nandini, he finally drifted to sleep.)

(All this was seen and heard by Cabir. He came with manik to his house citing reason that he wanted to stay with him today.After listening all this, first Cabir was shocked that Manik likes Nandini to this extent in just few days. But then he became happy that finally his friend cum brother can get happiness and love.)

C: Now i have to do something for Manik. 3 saal usne alia ke bina nikale. main hamesha chahta tha ki vo move on kare, par kabhi koi direction nhi mili. but now i know, that nandini can take manik out of his pain and can give him happiness and love. Infact manik ki baaton se toh aisa lag raha h ki vo jitna pyaar alia se karta tha, usse kayi zyada pyaar nandini se karne laga h. Nandini is the key to manik's happiness par usse pehle mujhe nandini ke dil ka haal bhi janna padega. Jaise nandini manik ko dekhti h, jaise usne usse hug kia, usse lagta toh h ki she also feels for manik, but i have to be sure.

(Then he goes to guest room to sleep with a determination to make manik and nandini as manan. :-) )


Fab 5 are sitting in canteen. nandini and navya comes there. After seeing Nandini , mukti started making fun of her.

MU: So, nandini, how was the day in the store room. i hope tumhe bhut maza aaya hoga aur ye bhi samajh aa gaya ho ga ki Fab 5 se tum jitna dur raho, utna tumhare liye acha h.

(Nandini doesn't say anything but went from there. Manik was hurt that nandini not for once looked into his eyes. cabir is shocked that why nandini doesn't speak anything when she has the guts to speak in front of Fab5. if she can speak for her friend, then why not herself?)

MU: Chalo guys, ye toh chali gayi. Lagta h isse akal aa gayi ki Fab 5 se panga na le.

M: (to avoid the situation.) Chalo guys, lets jam for sometime.

ALL: Haan chalo.


When Fab5 enters jam room, they were shocked to see Nandini there.

MU: How dare you to come here? you don't know its our room? i think you don't learn from your punishment.

N: What you guys thought that i can't stand for myself? If i can stand for my friends, i can very well stand for myself.

MU: ohh! so, u still have courage to speak in front of us? i think u want another punishment.

N: Kya karoge, mujhe firse room mein band kar doge ya college se hi resign karwa doge? bolo? tum log sirf yahi kar sakte ho, isse zyada aur kuch nhi.

MU: Manik tu chup kyun h? ek commoner hamein aake suna rhi h aur tu chup chap sun raha h/ ho kya gaya h tujhe? Aur cabir tu bhi?

N: Manik kya bolega, uske paas kuch bolne layak hoga, toh bolega na.  bolo kya karoge Manik?

(First, Manik was shocked seeing Nandini temper. Then, when she speak rudely to mukti, he got very angry.)

M: Nandini, be in your limits. M kuch bol nhi raha hoon, iska matlab ye nhi h ki tum kuch bhi aur kaise bhi bolti raho. Tumhari himmat kaise hui mukti se iss tarah se baat karne ki?

N: Wow Manik, tum apne friends ki side lo toh sahi aur m loon toh galat? Kya galti thi meri? haan? bolo tum sab? Meri vajah se tumhari shirt kharab hui , pat maine sorry bola na? maine jaan bujh kar toh tumhari shirt kharab nhi ki thi? aur maine navya ki side li aur mukti pe chillaya yahi na? toh jab tum sab apne friends ka support kar sakte ho, toh m kyun nhi?

(Manik and Cabir were dumbstruck after hearing this but mukti was still angry.)

MU: How dare you to question us? tumhe pata bhi h tum Fab 5 se baat kar rahi ho? The great Fab 5 jo kissi se nhi darta, sab usse darte hain, samjhi tum?

N: Right. ye h tum sab ki sachai. Tum sab issliye bully nhi karte ki tumhe maza aata h, tum sab isliye bully karte ho taki koi tumhe bully na kar sake, taki koi tum sabko hurt na kar sake. Tum sab sath mein isliye ho kyunki tum sab jante ho ki jab tak tum sath mein ho koi tumhara kuch nhi bigad sakta. But reality pata kya h ki tum sab andar se khali ho, sab ke andar pain bhara hua h jo tumhari aankhon mein saaf-saaf dikhta hai. ye jo angry hone ka mask apne chehre par lagaya hua h na, voh sirf apna pain chupane ke liye? Kyun, sahi kaha? ek insaan ka chehra bhool sakta h, lekin uski aankhein nhi. Sab log bure nhi hote. Ho sakta h tum sabne pain saha ho, par iska matlab ye toh nhi ki kisi aur ne pain nhi saha? sabki life mein problems hain par ye hum par hai ki hamein kaise tackle karna h, gussa har baat ka solution nhi h? jitni jaldi, tum sab ye baat samajh jaoge, tum sab ke liye acha hoga.  I am sorry , shayad m kuch zyada keh gayi but tum sabke liye reality face karna zaruri h. M chahti toh ye sab vahan canteen mein bhi keh sakti thi, par m nhi chahti thi ki koi bhi fab 5 ko kamzor samjhe, jo ki tum log nhi. u all are strong par kabhi kabhi kamzor hona acha hota h. Rone se insaan kamzor nhi ho jata, par uska dil zarur halka ho jata h. 

Jo pain, jo aansu tum sabki aankhon mein ab hain, vo is baat ka proof h ki maine sab sach kaha. main nhi kehti ki tum mujhse kuch share karo. par agar karna chaho, toh kar sakte ho and believe me i will not judge you guys. sochna zarur. har koi matlabi aur bura nhi hota.

(With this, nandini left from there. She was also having tears in her eyes.)

(Fab 5 was dumbstruck with this outburst of nandini and later the way she calmly makes them understand. She really gives them a reality check. She brought their inner pain out. Even they are shocked that how a girl who knows them from just a week, infact dont know them properly can see their inner self which no one can see.)

(Fab 5 is crying and all went to their respective houses to clear their inner turmoil)

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