Chapter 8-2

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The day continues..


All were happy seeing harshad back but one person was immensely happy and that is none other than our manik. He was happy because finally harshad forgives him and his guilt somewhere lessens and the main reason of his smile is nandini because nandini is smiling and after seeing nandini's smile, automatically a beautiful smile comes on his lips and reaches to his eyes. Even cabir and harshad also notices this. Harshad got somewhat doubtful that may be manik likes nandini. Its not like that he is not happy, he is just little surprised. He is happy that if manik likes nandini then, she is the best for him. 

C: Par ek baat toh batao ki ye chamatkar hua kaise? I mean ye sab achanak se?

MU: Achanak se nhi, ye sab chotti ka kamaal h. Though, i was first angry and scared too but seeing her safe, i am fine aur maine isse daanta bhi. (nandini makes a pout after listening this.)

(Hearing nandini name involved, both manik and cabir got alerted and felt proud of her too that she is the reason for their happiness but when mukti said that she was scared for nandini, manik's heart literally skipped a beat and he got scared , even cabir also got scared for her and when mukti says that she scolded nandini, nandini makes a pout on it and all goes awwww on her. Infact, manik also smiled seeing it but deep down he was scared and wanted to know that what nandini had done so scary that mukti got scared.)

M: Aisa kya kia nandini ne?

(Then mukti and harshad narrated the whole incident to them except the part of their relationship and their confession. Cabir being an over protective brother got scared for nandini, even angry too but being a sweet brother, he calms his anger down as he can't be angry on nandini, even dhrun also got somewhere scared and our majnu manik, he was scared to hell, his heart started beating rapidly with the thought that if anything had happened to her, he was damn scared and angry too that how can she risk her life like that. )

C: Doll, tu thk h na? Tujhe kahin lagi toh nhi? Tu thk toh h na? (Cabir was scared so to ensure himself, he hugged nandini tightly and nandini also hugged him back to calm him down.)

N: Cabir bhai, m bilkul thk hoon. Don't worry. Apki behen bhut strong h. usse itni jaldi maut nhi ayegi. 

C,MU & M : Doll! Chotti! Nandini! (All three shouted on her. Firstly, she didn't know the reason of their sudden outburst, but then, she realised it. But manik sudden shout shocked her but cabir broke her trance.)

C: Never ever say that again. 

MU: Haan, chotti m agli baar baat nhi karungi.(Then, both cabir and mukti hugged her tightly.)

N: Sorry .(She said it with a cute pout that all go aww on her and even manik smiles seeing her cute antics but immediately hide it because she was angry on her and more precisely, scared for her.)

C: Doll! ab tu kabhi aisa kuch nhi karegi jisme tujhe khatra ho.

N: But bhai, maine toh sab ap sbki khushi ke liye kiya h.

C: Hum sab ki khushi tujhme hai. hume aisi koi khushi nhi chahiye jahan teri life ko koi risk ho. Doll! tu hum sab ki jaan h. Agar tu hamare saath h toh hum sab vaise hi khush hain, hamein aur kuch nhi chahiye. (Nandini got tears in her eyes but cabir wipes her tears and kissed her forehead gently.) 

N: Okay. i'll take care from next time.

C: Aur haan, vaise toh ab aage se tu aisa kuch nhi karegi. Par agar karna hua, toh pehle mujhe batayegi. Ab hum sab saath mein karenge. Samjhi?

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