Chapter 15-5

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They resumed their journey... It's 6:00 p.m. and the atmosphere was too good, so, they decided to go to a beach as all girls wanted the smae. So, all boys agreed... They went to a beach.. They were walking on the beach clicking photographs.. teasing each other...

After some time.. cabir, mukti, navya and harshad were seeing the pictures in the camera and nandini and manik were walking on the beach hand-in-hand and enjoying the nature. Out of nowhere manik and nandini had a small argument over something and nandini left manik's hand and came running towards cabir with manik running behind her to stop her. As all others were standing with their back towards manan, so, they didn't noticed them. Nandini came and immediately jumped on cabir's back shouting "bhai" startling him and others. Cabir was going to lose his balance and fall but he immediately put his hands on nandini protecting her from falling and somehow, he managed not to fall making sure that his doll doesn't fall back and got hurt. When cabir stood properly, Nandini hold cabir properly and he also took her properly in a piggy back way.. Then, he spoke in a concerned way..

C: Doll.. dhyan se baccha.. abhi gir jati.. toh chot lag jati na..

N: Bhai.. I am okay.. Ap vo chodo aur meri baat suno.. (Cabir sighed and spoke.)

C: Acha bol.. kya huya?

(Now, nandini started her cute rant of complaining about manik to her brother and sister...)

N: Bhai.. (Cabir spoke lovingly.)

C: Kya huya doll?

N: Bhai.. dekho na mani ko.. ye meri baat nhi maan raha hai.. Muku di.. dekho na..mani meri wish puri nhi kar raha hai.. ap dono daanto isko.. (Nandini called mukti, muku di... that means she really wanted her sister this time to scold manik.) (Manik was standing there with wide-open mouth seeing nandini complaining about him to them but at the same time he was going all aww on her cute baby antics. He was falling more and more in love with her with each passing second. All were adoring this cute baby nandini.) (Nandini broke their trance when she whined cutely.)

N: Bhai.. Muku di.. dannton na mani ko.. (Both brother and sister immediately got in their protective mode for their sister and started scolding manik.)

MU: Oye, kya problem hai teri.. Kyun usko mana kar raha hai tu..

C: Haan.. kya hai tujhe? Kyun meri behen ko pareshaan kar raha hai? (Nandini showed tongue to manik while manik showed her his eyes.)

M: Mujhe daantne se pehle puch toh lo ki kya chahiye usse..

C: Doll.. tu usse chod.. tu mujhe bata

MU: Haan chotti.. mujhe bata kya chahiye tujhe.. Hum teri wish puri karenge..

C: Haan doll.. bata bhai ko ki kya chahiye meri pyaari si behena ko.. (Nandini started her buttering.)

N: Cabir bhai.. Muku di.. mujhe na.. mujhe..

C & MU: Haan bol...

C: Tu zyada mat soch.. hum hain na.. teri wish zarur puri karenge... (Nandini smiled widely and shouted.)

N: I love you both.. 

C & MU: We love you too.. Ab bol.. (But nandini's next words dropped a bomb on cabir and mukti.)

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