Chapter 18-2

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(After clicking selfies.. they tried to remove colour but instead they spread it more making nandini laugh..)

N: Hahaha.. kya kar rahe ho guys.. u have spread the colour more.. jao jakar mirror ke saamne saaf karo.. (All went towards their room with MaNan came in manik room.)

(Manik went inside washroom and called nandini.)

M: Angel.. main apna towel bahar bhul gaya.. dena zara..

N: Haan.. ye lo.. (Inplace of taking the towel manik took nandini hand and pull her in making her shock.) Arey.. ye kya kar rahe ho mani.. (Manik cornered her and spoke smirkingly.)

M: Bahar sab ko ullu banakar tum unse bach gayi.. par mujhse kaise bachogi.. (Nandini started stammering listening to it.)

N: Huh.. ye.. ye tum kya keh rahe ho? (Manik spoke lovingly.)

M: I know that you have no allergy with colours.. (This came as a shock for nandini.)

N: what? Tum... tumhe kaise pata chala?

M: U are a brilliant actor.. and your innocence can actually made someone fool.. ek pal ke liye mujhe bhi laga ki tum sach bol rahi ho but then when all stopped from applying colours to you.. then the look of relief on your face and after that when mukti and cabir were so worried for you.. the guilt in your eyes for worrying them unnecessarily told me that you are lying.. (Nandini pouted like a child and spoke.)

N: How can you read my eyes so efficiently? Tum itni achi tarah se kaise jaan sakte ho mujhe.. (Manik chuckled listening to it and spoke.)

M: Mera baby.. jaise tum mere bina kahe jaan leti ho that what's going on in my mind and heart.. the way you know me too well.. same way I know you too.. (Nandini asked being confused.)

N: Par tumne ye bahar sabke saamne kyun nhi bola? Kyun bachaya mujhe sabse? (Manik spoke huskily.)

M: Because I wanted to be the first one to apply colours on you. (Listening to it nandini spoke.)

N: No.. haath mat lagana mujhe.. (Manik smirked and spoke.)

M: Thk hai.. vaise bhi I wanted to do it in my style which I can't do in front of everyone.. (Nandini aksed being confused.)

N: Huh? (With that manik came close to nandini and rubbed his cheek with her and spoke lovingly..)

M: Tum hi ne kaha tha na haath mat lagana and this is my style taaki main tumhe rang sakun apne rang mein.. (Both had an eye-lock which got disturbed by manik's phone ring. Nandini blushed and looked away. Manik smiled and went outside to take the call.)

M (to himself): Dhruv ki mom ka call?

M: Hello aunty.. kaise ho ap?

AU: I am good.. Tum kaise ho?

M: M good too..

(Nandini cleaned her face and go downstairs after telling manik who was talking on call. Till the time manik also cleaned his face with towel.)

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