Chapter 5-1

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This new evening will bring alot of new changes in everyone's life, be it Fab 5 or be it Nandini. It will bring out alot of secrets.


MU: How dare she? How can she say like that? Par usne kuch galat bhi toh nhi kaha, sab sach bola usne. M apna pain chupane ke liye toh aisi ban gayi hoon. Why, why all this happens with me ? First, my parents never loved me, never cared for me. They have no time for me, not even in childhood, not now also. They are just concerned about their parties, their status, money etc. but not have even a single second for their child. Then, my best friend, my soulie left me. Why did you left alia?.And then, Harshad also left me.

(Actually Harshad and mukti were in a secret relationship about which even Fab 5 doesn't know.)


H: Mukti, you have to leave Fab 5?

MU: What? Have you gone crazy?

H: Yes, i have gone mad. I have lost my sister damn it and manik is solely responsible for her death and i will never forgive him. so, u have to choose either me or Fab 5?

MU: Harshad, that was an accident. We all are shattered after alia's death. She was my soulie and manik toh loved her.

H: No, Manik never loved her. that was just an attraction. I told alia a number of times but she never listened to me. Now, enough of this, Choose mukti?

MU: How can i choose Harshad. I love you and even i love Fab 5. I love you both.

H: U have to choose, that's my final decision.

MU: Harshad please?

H: No mukti, i said choose.

MU: Okay, i choose Fab5 . they are not only my friends but also my family. I can't leave them.

H: Fine. Now, there is no relation between us. we are over. Bye. take care.

(And mukti fell on her knees and started crying after harshad left.))


MU: I still love you harshad. i still miss you. Kash tumne samjha hota mujhe. Mujhe us waqt tumhari sabse zyada zarurat thi, par tum chale gaye. But i won't give up. i am strong. I will always stay with my Fab 5.  (All this mukti was crying alot.)


D: Why god why? kyun kia aisa ? aj bhi vo pain vaisa hi hai. Main alia ko pasand karta tha par Alia aur Manik ek dusre ko. Then , vo relationship me aa gaye. jis din mujhe ye pata chala, m bhut roya , manik pe gussa bhi aya par fir socha ki mera buddy khush h , toh m bhi khush hoon. par jab unko sath mein dekhta toh bura lagta. par alia ke face pe smile dekh kar khush ho jata. Fir apne alia ko hi mujhse cheen lia. M toh sabke samne ro bhi nhi saka, kyunki manik vahan tha. aj bhi vo dard mere dil mein h. Aj bhi nhi bhula m jab manik aur alia ne hamein ek dusre ke bare mein bataya tha, tb kitna toot gaya tha m aur manik par kitna gussa aya tha mujhe.


M: Hi guys.

(All were shocked because Manik and Alia came by holding hands. Firstly, Cabir came out of the shock.)

C: Hi guys. But what is all this? u guys holding each other hands, what's going on?

(By listening this alia blushed and manik smiled.)

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