Chapter 12-3

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Nandini called navya and asked her to join them in the canteen. She was going inside the canteen but her classmate stopped her and started talking about some notes and lectures. Cabir went inside the canteen to talk to manik.


Manik was totally irritated with mukti. It has been 20 minutes since manik called nandini and he was all desperate to see nandini and is now getting worried that what took her so much time and here, mukti is not letting him go out to see nandini and even not letting him to call nandini. He is damn irritated now and mukti wanted to tease the hell out of him.

M: Kya h mukti? Kyun rok rahi h mujhe? Chod mera haath, mujhe jana h. Nandini ne kaha tha ki vo 10 minute mein aa jayegi lekin ab pure 20 minute ho gaye hain, mujhe dekhna h usse? Mujhe ab tension ho rahi h ki vo thk toh h na? Mera haath chod.

MU: Kya yr manik, tu toh pura ka pura majnu ban gaya h. Itna kya desperate ho raha h chotti se milne ke liye? Aa jayegi vo. Pichle 10 minute se ye hi bol raha h tu. Arey, vo traffic me fass gayi hogi, aa rahi hogi. Tu toh pura majnu ban gaya, nhi nhi majnu nhi, romeo ban gaya h jo apni juliet ke bina 2 minute nhi reh sakta. Itna mat desperate ho mere bhai.

M: Mukti yr.. please, stop teasing me and stop irritating me too aur mujhe jane de. Dekh mera haath chod de, nhi toh aj tu mere haathon zarur maregi.

MU: Oye, kisko dhamki de raha h? M darti nhi hoon tujhse, bhool gaya mera dusra naam lady bheem h. Samjha?

M: Oh meri lady bheem, please mujhe jane de na. (Cabir came from behind and hit manik's head. Manik was already irritated and this made him more irritate. He glared at cabir.)

M: Kya h? Kyun, maar raha h mujhe? Ab tu aur irritate mat kar mujhe, pehle hi ye mukti mujhe irritate kar rahi h. Kabse keh raha hoon, mujhe jane de mujhe nandini se milna h, pata nhi vo abhi tak college kyun nhi pahunchi aur ye h ki mera haath nhi chod rahi h. Mukti, m last time bol raha hoon mera haath chod de, varna aj bahut pitegi tu mujhse.

C: Oye, tension lena band kar. Doll, college aa chuki h. Pehle vo mujhse baat kar rahi thi aur ab navya se baat kar rahi h. Canteen ke bahar hi khadi h vo. (Manik became shocked that here he is going desperate to meet nandini and there she is talking with navya.)

M: What the...? M kab se uska yahan wait kar raha hoon aur tension le raha hoon aur vo madam h ki pehle tujhse baat kar rahi thi aur ab bahar navya se gappein lada rahi h. Vo janti h m uska wait kar raha hoon, fir bhi. Vo mujhe kaise ignore kar sakti h, m abhi jaakar baat karta hoon usse (Manik stand up to go but cabir holds his hand and made him sit back. Manik was getting irritated and impatient too.) Kya h cabir, kyun rok raha h mujhe? Mujhe nandini se milna h.

C: Oye, chup kar ke yahan baith aur pehle mere sawaal ka jawaab de?

M: Cabir, tere sawaal ka jawaab m baad mein dunga, pehle mujhe nandini se mil aane de. Thk h? (Manik again stood up but cabir again make him sat and now, manik was totally pissed.) Kya h yr? Tum dono ne kasam khai h kya, aj mujhe irritate karne ki? Pehle mukti mujhe nandini ke paas nhi jane de rahi thi aur ab tu nhi jane de raha? Kis janam ki dushmani nikal rahe ho tum dono mujhse? (By listening this, mukti started laughing and manik made a bad face. Cabir was also frustrated now because nandini's sad and painful eyes are wandering in his mind and he wanted to remove that sadness as soon as possible. So, he shouted on both of them.)

C: Guys, kya tum log thodi der ke liye serious ho sakte ho? (Both mukti and manik were stunned to see cabir getting so much serious because cabir is a guy who always do pranks and is always ready to make any serious situation light by his jokes. Both saw towards each other and realised that cabir was actually very serious. So, they both also become serious.)

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