Chapter 19-1

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Happy Diwali in advance...
I am really sorry for being so late.. I wanted to post on Diwali but it's an emotional update and I don't want my readers to be sad or emotional on the occasion of Diwali... so here you go....

Manik's Room:

(Nandini came in malhotra mansion and immediately rushed towards manik's room and seeing the sight in front of her.. her heart broke into pieces.. Manik was crying bitterly and his words churned nandini's heart.)

M: God.. why me? Main hi kyun? Kya main thodi khushi bhi deserve nhi karta? Meri vajah se mere friends ki life mein itna kuch ho raha tha aur mujhe kuch pata bhi nhi tha.. sab meri galti hai aur iss sab ki saza mere friends ko mil rahi hai.. God.. why you always make me guilty? Ab iss guilt ke saath kaise jiyun main... kaise? Badi mushkil se toh pehle guilt se bahar aaya tha aur ab ye? Pata nhi iss guilt se kabhi bahar aa bhi payunga main ya nhi..

M: Morning tak kitne khushh the hum sab.. kitna khush tha main meri angel ke saath.. Aur ab.. ab ye sab ho gaya.. Sab mere saath hi kyun hota hai god... kyun.. kya mujhe khush rehna ka bilkul bhi right nhi hai.. thoda sa bhi nhi.. (He cried bitterly with closed eyes.) (Nandini moved inside his room and started walking towards him. Manik can feel nandini but he didn't dared to open his eyes and look towards her as he doesn't want to show his pain to nandini as he knows seeing him in pain will broke nandini too... But nandini is on her mission to take manik pain away from him and is determined to fill his life with happiness. She knew that manik need her the most now. He was always there for her and now it's her time to be with him.. to be his mother again.. She came in front of manik and sat in front of him and spoke lovingly caressing his hairs with tears in her eyes.)

N: Kya huya mere baby ko? Kyun itna ro raha hai mera bachha? (Manik sobbed hearing her loving and soothing voice.)

N: Mama ko bhi nhi batayega mera baby.. Haan.. mera bacha.. (Manik can't hold himself more especially hearing loving and motherly words of nandini and just crashed in nandini and hugged her tightly from her waist and snuggled in her chest like a baby snuggle in his mother and cried bitterly on nandini's chest. Nandini immediately took him in her embrace and make him snuggle more in her and started caressing his hairs and rubbing his back and and pecking his head continuously and then spoke crying herself.)

N: Shh.. shh.. bas.. bas.. mera bachha.. bas.. (Manik cried bitterly and spoke painfully.)

M: Ahh.. mumma.. (Nandini pecked his head continuously and spoke cuddling him more in herself.)

N: Shh.. shh.. yahin hain mumma apne baby ke paas.. mera strong baby na.. shh.. bas.. (Manik spoke cryingly being all defeated.)

M: Nhi hoon main strong.. nhi banna mujhe aur strong.. (Nandini caressed his hairs.)

N: Haan.. bachha.. bas.. shh.. main hoon na.. u don't have to be strong.. u can be weak.. mumma hai na.. mumma ke saamne mumma ka baby can be weak.. Haina.. (He snuggled more in nandini.)

N: chalo bas.. ab mumma ka baby mumma ko batayega ki kya huya hai.. kyun ro raha hai mera baby itna saara? (She wiped her tears and the made him face her and spoke lovingly like a mother does to comfort her small baby.)

N: Batao mumma ko.. itne ssaare bad tears mere baby ki itni pyaari si aankhon mein kyun aaye? Hmm.. Shh... bas.. (She pecked his teary eyes lovingly and wiped his tears.)

N: Batao bachha.. mumma ko nhi batayega baby? (Manik hicupped.)

M: Vo.. vo...

N: Shh.. bas.. ye lo pehle pani piyo..

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