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I am very very sorry for being so late.. I know you all are waiting for the update and here I am giving you a note... I am sorry..

Okay, I read some of the comments today asking for next update.. I know you all want update and even I myself wanted to write but believe me guys.. I am really really busy.. I am so sorry for making you wait for so long but I am stuck really badly.. please forgive me..

I am not getting any time to write and I don't want to give you guys any false promise of the update any soon.. so, I am putting the story on hold for some time.. I have everything in my mind and some on notepad.. but I am not getting time to write it on wattpad.. I am not going offline.. it's just I'll be back whenever the update will be ready..

I got a very less time.. sometimes I am just able to write 100-200 words and sometimes even not that too.. so, the story is on hold till the update will be ready.. as soon as the update will be ready.. I will publish it and frankly speaking, I don't know when it will be..

Once again so sorry.. but this story is on HOLD for some days.. and about other three stories.. then editing took less time.. so, whenever I will be able to complete editing.. I will publish it..

Once again sorry guys..

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