Chapter 17-6

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First of all HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY guys...

Thanku so much for all the love guys.. 

Okay.. after reading your comments on last update.. i realised one thing that in the current situation.. most of you want that manik should manofy nandini and made her understand. And i know you all are right.. But the thing is that manik can't straight-forwardly go and ask nandini and speak to her on this topic because this is the only topic which they are not comfortable with especially nandini. So, before proposing nandini it's of no use.. because once they talk about it.. then the story comes to an end.. because this is the only thing which is letting the story go on.. as once they talk about it then it is a way to their confession.. So.. just a little wait.. 

Moreover.. i believe that many a times you don't need words to express yourself... your silence.. your gestures... your care.. your love speak volumes than your words can convey.. kabh-kabhi apki khamosi inta kuch keh jati hai jo shayad apke words bhi na keh payein..  and i truly believe in this that where there is love you don't always needs words.. yes.. sometimes it's important to express yourself but kabhi-kabhi silence bhi zaroori hai.. sometimes person don't needs your words.. he/she needs your care.. needs your support jo ap unke paas rehkar unhe de sakte ho.. u don't have to speak that you are with them.. you just have to be with them and they will understand..  Log kehne ko bhut kuch kehte hain par zaruri nhi ki vo sab pura bhi kar payein.. so better hai ki bolne ki jagah karke dikhao.. 

And in love your emotions matters the most.. and for me... MaNan defines love.. so.. i don't feel that they need words to make other understand.. their silent eyes talks.. their support.. their care for each other.. their love.. their gestures are enough for them to understand one another.. and the same thing i have shown in this chapter.. manik is not going to speak about the topic.. but he is going to be there for his nandini showing her that he is with her always and forever...

If any of you feel disappointed because of this.. then i am really sorry.. it was my pov.. so.. i discussed it with you.. really sorry in advance if any one of you doesn't like it...

And yes sorry for less MaNan in this chapter...



(After listening to mukti.. cabir, the protective brother of nandini felt very angry on her and scolded her.)

C: Mukti.. tu pagal hai kya.. Ek baar bolne se pehle soch nhi sakti kya? (Mukti spoke sadly.)

MU: Cabir, maine jaan bujh kar thodi hi bola.. voh bas nikal gaya mooh se.. I am sorry..

C: Tu bhi na.. thoda dhyan rakhna chahiye tha na.. Ab kitni sad hai doll.. (Manik spoke calmly.)

M: It's okay cabir.. Iss mein mukti ki galti nhi hai... Flow mein uske mooh se nikal gaya.. (Before anyone could say something.. manik spoke further dejectedly blaming himself for everything.)

M: Saari galti toh meri hai.. Baar-baar mere past ki wajah se angel hurt hoti hai.. Kitni khush thi angel aur infact vo mera past bhul bhi gayi thi.. vo kya... hum sab bhool gaye the uss past ko.. but mere past ki wajah se fir meri angel hurt ho gayi.. Damn.. kitni mushkil se usse sambhala tha.. aur ab fir se vo sad ho gayi aur sirf meri wajah se.. (Mukti took blame on her.)

MU: Nhi manik.. sab meri galti hai.. I am sorry..

M: Nhi mukti.. galti teri nhi hai.. Tune vahi bola jo tune socha.. jo tum sab itne saalon se sach maan rahe ho.. but actual mein koi nhi janta ki vo shirt actual mein ab kyun important hai mere liye.. (They were confused listening to manik and mukti asked manik.)

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