Chapter 1

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A beautiful girl is sleeping on her bed. Sun is shining bright, birds are chirping.

N CHACHI : Nandu uth ja ab. Clg nhi jana kya, aj tera first day h. 

N: Aiyoo Aiyapaa... m late ho gayi.

 ( she woke up with a jerk and goes to washroom hurriedly and get ready fast and goes downstairs)

N: Chachi aj kya banaya h aur chacha aur rishabh kahan h ?

N CHACHI : Beta, aj aloo parantha banaya h. Vo tere chacha toh aj jaldi office chale gaye aur rishabh abhi so raha h.

N: Acha chachi, main jati hoon ab. bye bye.

N CHACHI : All the best beta. 

Other side a boy is sleeping on his king size bed. He is looking like a greek god even while sleeping.

C: Manik uth ja ab, hum sab late ho jayenge. 

M: Oh shit, m aj ka din kaise bhul gaya. agar hum late ho gaye toh vo bhut gussa ho jayegi. chal jaldi chal. m ready hokar aata hoon, tu bakiyon ko call karke bula le.

( He got ready really fast and before clock strikes 9, fab 5 got assembled in their jam room to wish alia happy birthday.)

 ALL : Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear alia, happy birthday to you.

(All wish her and light a candle in front of her photo.)

(Manik in mind: I love you, love. Please come back soon)


Fab 5 went to srinagar for their holidays. They were jammimg and after that they started enjoying and tickling each other. Manik was enjoying by seeing alia smiling to the fullest. he loves the way alia calls his name. When manik went to tickle her, she started running and her foot slipped and she fell down the cliff.

Whole Fab 5 tried saving her but they can't. Manik cried alot. He was guilty because he believe that alia fell because of him)


(Since that day manik hold himself responsible for this. Because police and search team couldn't find her, he believes that she is alive.)

After remembering all this, his eyes welled up with water.

Then, they all bid bye to her and move to college.

Today, Manik is wearing alia's favourite shirt and her last memory with him.

When they all were walking towards canteen, Manik bumped with a girl, she was going to fall but manik hold her from her waist and prevent her from falling. Girl has shut her eyes tightly because of the fear of falling. When she feel that she doesn't fall,she open her eyes slowly and look into manik's eyes. When both eyes met, they got lost in each other and the girl is none other than our nandini.

Then mukti broke their trance by shouting and manik and nandini straighten themselves.

MU: How dare you girl? you spoiled his favourite shirt.

(Now manik looks at his shirt and got angry. As nandini is drinking juice, it got poured on manik's shirt and his shirt got spoiled.)

N: I am really sorry. it happens by mistake. I am sorry.

M: Tumhare sorry bolne se meri shirt theek ho jayegi kya..u have messed with wrong guy miss and now you have to pay for it.( with full of anger)

Nandini got scared . At the same time Harshad come there and start fighting with manik)

H: Manik agar itna maza aata h chillane mein, toh mujhse ladai kar. Kyun us bichari ko daant raha h. usne kaha na ki usse galti ho gayi. She said na sorry.

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